8 Iconic Filipino Commercials That Tug at the Heartstrings

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8 iconic filipino commercials that tug at the heartstrings

Few things in the world of advertising have a deeper impact than ads that genuinely inspire feelings. Advertisers in the Philippines have perfected the craft of storytelling, producing ads that move viewers’ emotions in addition to selling things. 

These enduring Filipino advertisements, with their touching stories and moving scenes, have left a lasting impression on the people of the country. Let’s take a journey down memory lane as we relive eight ads that have resonated deeply with Filipinos and still make us laugh today.

1. Vicks: Just a Boy (2019)

Vicks and their #TouchOfCare campaign is at #1. This ad, which is based on a true event, tells the heartwarming tale of Agnes and her adoptive son, who was born with HIV. In order to help kids who are afflicted with the illness, Vicks also utilized this advertisement to announce their collaboration with Project Red Ribbon.

2. Kwentong Jollibee Valentines Series: Vow (2017)

A few years back, this Jollibee advertisement went viral for shattering many people’s hearts, particularly those who, like the man in the video, are labeled as martyrs sa pag-ibig. To be honest, it hurts to be friend-zoned (I know you people </3). But hold on, friends! Soon, with the right person, at the right moment, we’ll arrive.

3. First Love at McDonald’s (2009)

“Huling the Bimbo”? His adoring gaze? The way she took hold of his hand? Every second gave us optimism, only to discover the worst heartache of the century. Every time I dip my french fries in a chocolate sundae, I can’t help but think about the agony shown in this commercial. 

4. Nido Fortigrow: For Our #1 Lolas (2015)

An enduring relationship between a grandmother and her grandchild was depicted in this Nido commercial. Every grandparent is unique. While some people are harsh and rigorous, others are indulgent and tolerant. However, their love for their family is unwavering. They undoubtedly always see the best in us and continue to encourage our tiny life experiences.

5. Coca-Cola: The Last Customer (2016)

Not only is Christmas the most joyful time of year, but it’s also the busiest for workers in restaurants and shopping centers. They give up the majority of their time to assist clients in creating memorable holiday experiences. Coca-Cola made sure to support our holiday heroes as a result.

6. Nestle PH’s 100th Year: Pag-ibig (2011)

Let the heartbreaks end already! To commemorate its 100 years in the Philippines, Nestle produced a sentimental ad. This film demonstrates how unending love can provide peace and security when you discover the perfect companion.

7. Globe x Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: Mask (2016)

At the 2017 Brand Film Festival New York, this endearing Disney, Star Wars, and Globe partnership won the title of “Best Short Form.” In order to raise awareness of one’s inner struggles that not everyone can see, the #CreateCourage campaign was started.

8. Lucky Me! Instant Mami: Magnifico (2009)

After failing to make it through the auditions, nothing feels better than a hot cup of soup and a firm hug from our mothers. Everybody experiences bad days, and it’s acceptable to accept these emotions. Thus, if you’re experiencing any discouragement today, always keep in mind that tomorrow is always a new day, and never say die.

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