Arnel Mandal delivers Philippines’ first Asian Games silver

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arnel mandal delivers philippines’ first asian games silver

The Philippines, a country in Southeast Asia, is celebrating because wushu’s Arnel Mandal has delivered the country’s first Asian Games silver.

The 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China, is currently in the spotlight because of the performance of famous athletes. 

Arnel Mandal secured the first silver medal in the 19th Asian Games for the Philippines after facing defeat by China’s Jiang Haidong on Thursday in the 56 kilogram wushu sanda competition.

The competition took place at the XSG Sports Centre in Hangzhou, China. China’s Jiang Haidong won the competition by point difference. Host player Jiang Haidong won the gold medal.

Arnel Mandal

Arnel Mandal won the Philippines’ first silver medal in the 19th Asian Games. He is one of the most famous Sanda players in the Philippines. 

Sanda is kickboxing developed from traditional wushu techniques. Arnel Mandal is known for playing Sanda. Sanda fighter Arnel Mandal is currently trending in the Philippines.

Philippines’ medal haul

Philippines’ medal haul is filled from wushu athletes. The country already has four bronze medals. Gideon Padua, Clemente Tabugara Jr. and Jones Inso have won bronze medals for the Philippines. Patrick Perez also won the first podium performance for the Philippines at the 19th Asian Games with a bronze medal.

The Philippines has now won the silver medal because of Mandal’s talent. 

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The main venue of Asian Games 2023 is Hangzhou Sports Park Stadium. It is the biggest sports competition in Asia, organized by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). 

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  • Maldives (MDV)
  • Mongolia (MGL)
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