Eight-party coalition aims for 375 votes: Cholnan Srikaew

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eight party coalition aims for 375 votes cholnan srikaew

Cholnan Srikaew, Pheu Thai Party leader, has said that the eight-party coalition aims to get 375 votes in the next round of the Prime Minister election.

Cholnan Srikaew told Nation TV on Monday that Pheu Thai Party, the third incarnation of a Thai political party, held talks with Bhum Jai Thai Party, Palang Pracharath, United Thai Nation party, Chart Thai Pattana and Chart Pattana Kla parties.

According to Cholnan Srikaew, Pheu Thai Party was seeking ways to increase its current 312 votes to the required 376 votes from the House of Representatives and Senate if a Prime Minister from its ranks needed to be elected.

He explained that other political parties will support the Pheu Thai Party but not join the coalition. He said, “Some parties may vote in support, but not join the coalition.” 

Cholnan Srikaew has said that if the coalition gets 375 votes, the party can invite other political parties to join the coalition. He further said that his coalition will allow everyone to propose a solution if the coalition cannot gain 375 votes in the next round of the PM election.

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Cholnan Srikaew further said, “I believe that everyone wants the new government to solve problems for the people and country.” He further added, “We want to remove caretaker Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Sereepisuth Temeeyaves, the leader of the Seri Ruam Thai Party, has warned the Move Forward Party (MFP) and other political parties in the coalition not to intervene in Pheu Thai’s efforts to get support for its Prime Minister candidate.

He further said, “Step aside and let the Pheu Thai Party have a shot at having its candidate elected as Prime Minister. Don’t meddle in their efforts.”

On Sunday, a group of people protested outside Pheu Thai’s head office. They demanded that Srikaew honour the promise he made on behalf of Pheu Thai.

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