Getting Dangerous: Rising Extremist Threats Across Singapore Amid Israel-Gaza War

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getting dangerous rising extremist threats across singapore amid israel gaza war

Recent online threats against Singapore by regional extremist groups have surged in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict, warns Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong. He revealed that Singapore experienced an alarming increase in reports concerning offensive actions against the Jewish and Muslim communities in the nation. While eight such reports were made in October, it’s almost as many as the combined reports in the nine months preceding that. This significant spike is cause for concern, says Wong.

Singapore is not immune to the divisive forces emerging from conflicts in distant regions. With the circulation of images, videos, and stories designed to stir emotions and foster distrust, even Singapore faces the risk of growing tension. Wong emphasizes the importance of maintaining social harmony and peace, reminding Singaporeans not to let external events divide the nation.

Singapore has actively worked to promote understanding and cooperation between its diverse communities, and this effort has paid off. Wong praised religious leaders for their compassion, sensitivity, and kindness, which helps ensure peace and unity.

Rising Threats: Why Singaporeans Are Worried

To address the increased threats, Singapore’s security agencies are on high alert, implementing additional security measures to protect the nation. Wong calls on citizens to report suspicious activities, underscoring that Singapore’s collective action is vital to maintain security.

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Amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, Singapore remains committed to a principled position. It condemns the acts of violence and terrorism by Hamas, while empathizing with the historical grievances of the Palestinian people. Wong emphasizes that this stance is essential to safeguard Singapore’s security.

Wong affirms Israel’s right to self-defense, but he underscores the importance of compliance with international humanitarian law during conflicts. Singapore supports a humanitarian truce in Gaza and encourages Singaporeans to participate in fundraising appeals.

Maintaining friendly relations with Israel and the Palestinians, Singapore refrains from supporting all actions taken by either side. The nation consistently bases its position on international law and the promotion of global peace and security.

Singapore will continue to act in its national interest, emphasizing principles and international law. Deputy Prime Minister Wong called on Singaporeans to remain united, strive for empathy and respect in dialogue, both online and offline, and reject inflammatory language that seeks to divide communities.

In the end, the ability to preserve social cohesion and peace depends on the collective efforts of all Singaporeans, ensuring that Singapore remains a credible, reliable, and trusted partner on the international stage.

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