Here’s Why the TikTok $2 billion Creator Fund is Shutting Down

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here’s why the tiktok $2 billion creator fund is shutting down

In an unexpected twist, TikTok is bidding adieu to its Creator Fund, leaving content creators in a state of mixed emotions. Launched with a $2 billion investment back in 2020, the Creator Fund was meant to reward viral content makers financially. However, the platform recently announced that the program would come to a close on December 16th.

What was the purpose of the Creator Fund?

The Creator Fund first made headlines by promising to pay out $1 billion over three years to artists who received hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views on their films. The purpose of the fund was to enable micro-influencers with at least 10,000 followers and at least 100,000 views in the previous 30 days to monetise their TikTok presence. However, it appears that the real-world outcomes fell short of the authors’ aspirations.

Critics have voiced their disappointment with the Creator Fund, claiming that it failed to deliver the promised financial rewards. Some creators even revealed they earned a mere pittance for their viral content. The decision to terminate the fund has left these creators somewhat disheartened.

TikTok responded to this by emphasizing its commitment to improving the user experience and providing creators with robust monetization options. The platform is determined to introduce innovative features and explore new ways to support its content creators more effectively.

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Allegations Against TikTok

The Creator Fund faced previous controversies when Forbes revealed that TikTok was storing creators’ data on servers in China, contrary to initial assurances of housing data in the United States. This revelation cast a shadow on the program’s credibility.

However, TikTok’s farewell to the Creator Fund does not mark the end of the road for content creators seeking to monetize their TikTok endeavors. The platform introduced the “Creativity Program” earlier this year, focusing on long-form content. Creators within this program have reported more encouraging outcomes, with some even claiming to make thousands of dollars.

As TikTok says its goodbyes to the Creator Fund, the platform is signaling a new direction for content creators. It seems TikTok is adapting its monetization strategies to better suit the evolving landscape of short-form content. The future holds fresh opportunities and promising earnings for creators venturing into TikTok’s “Creativity Program.”

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