“Heroes Delivering Simple Joys to the Nation amidst COVID-19”

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“Heroes Delivering Simple Joys to the Nation amidst COVID-19”

With the whole planet suffering in various ways due to the novel pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), people are beginning to understand issues that might have been previously ignored.

In addition to healthcare workers, recognition and gratitude must be extended to unsung heroes such as supermarket workers, security guards and delivery riders who, given the risks involved, continue to report to work every day.

One such driver is John Nino Abulon Carable, who just three months ago started out as a GrabFood co-partner. He and his wife have no kids yet to feed, but he shared that because they both grew up in poverty, they understood how tough it is not to have food on the table.

Even just two days of delayed government supply or help can have a big effect on them and their need to feed. He doesn’t have the privilege of working from home, because of the complexity of his career, so he always has to go out every day to make a living.

Meanwhile, since October 2019, Charlie Espinosa has been a driver-partner. He has been operating every day since the enhanced neighborhood quarantine took place, providing food to the Filipinos across the metro. He shared that for everyone, particularly those who still need to go out and work, the situation isn’t easy, but he mentions his motivation to keep going is the need to help his family.

He is grateful for his customers, whose continuous orders make a significant contribution to the livelihood of driver-partners like him particularly in this current situation.

Aldemor Pelayo also continues to work as a driver-partner so he can put food on the table.

According to him, government funding is not adequate to maintain his family, so even though he wants to rest at times, he prefers to work instead. He also mentioned that at a time such as this, putting food on the table and providing essential to his family is much more necessary.

He’s also very thankful for the generosity of the customers and partner restaurants who showed him and other drivers. One example was when staff from a branch in Chowking gave them 100 pieces of Chow Fan for themselves. Around that time, Aldemor and his companions took it upon themselves to call their other rider in order to help others.

These people are mordern heroes that reflects the quote people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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