Indonesian Citizens COVID-19 patients in Singapore Continues to Increase

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The number of Indonesian Citizens exposed to the coronavirus in Singapore continues to grow. The Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that Indonesian citizens were 545 positive cases of COVID-19 in Singapore, so that currently a total of 25 Indonesian citizens have been infected.

The Indonesian Embassy will continue to monitor closely and coordinate with relevant authorities regarding the handling of these Indonesian citizens.

Singapore still applies the DORSCON Orange Status, so high vigilance is still needed, especially when attending activities that involve many participants and visiting public places.

According to the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, 25 Indonesians, 1 person was declared cured and discharged from the hospital (case 21), 1 person died (case 212), and 23 people were still being treated at the hospital.

Meanwhile, 23 people were treated, as many as 21 people were in a stable condition and 2 people were in the ICU.

The Indonesian Embassy in Singapore also encouraged all Indonesian citizens residing in Singapore to follow the rules and appeals given by the Singapore government.

“It is hoped that all Indonesian citizens can follow the rules and appeals of the Singapore Government in handling the spread of COVID-19, such as maintaining personal health and hygiene, periodically washing hands after activities in public spaces, avoiding places and events that involve crowds / crowds when not urgent, and immediately see a doctor if experiencing symptomatic, “said the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore, Wednesday (3/25).

There is also this latest case being the 545th case, which is a 75-year-old Indonesian Long Term Pass holder who is a woman who has a history of travel to ASEAN. He is a family member of the 403 case and is currently being treated at NCID.

As informed, he is a family member of a 403 patient who is also an Indonesian citizen. The 403 patients were elderly men aged 77 years.

These three latest cases are declared as import cases. The 545 case patients had a history of travel to an ASEAN country which was not specifically stated in which country.

Two of the three most recent patients are Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore. They were each identified as case patients 466 and case 470.

Until now, Corona Virus cases reported in Singapore have reached 558.

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