McDonald’s Philippines launches Employee P500-M Fund, Community support

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Golden Arches Development Corp. (McDonald’s Philippines) said Friday that it has reserved half-a-billion pesos for its workers and the local community where its stores are located.

In a statement, George Yang-led McDonald’s Philippines announced the creation of a P500 million peso response fund to allow the company to provide assistance to its employees and communities.

According to McDonald’s master-franchise manager, his as “the situation on COVID-19 remains unclear.”

The fund is in response to the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) involving enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.

For company employees, McDonald’s Philippines said the fund covers:

Restaurant staff and supervisors, whether or not they are unable to come to work, and wages to be issued during the quarantine time for the head office employees.

To crew members and managers who will come to work in selected stores that remain open to serving the community in enhanced quarantine areas, a special premium pay package will be offered.

Special benefits such as the availability of care kits (face masks, food and vitamins) to safeguard employees ‘ safety at work, as well as preferential pay arrangements.

For communities, it said, the fund covers food to be donated by the organization to front liners such as health employees, LGU employees, NGO volunteers, and the vulnerable community, who are challenged during this period to have access to food.

They stated that people must come first in the midst of every crisis; They are doing what we can to ensure their health. They do have a duty to their customers to make sure they are able to continue doing business and caring about their own families. Finally, as a Philippine corporation,  They have a responsibility to be a government partner in serving the public in whatever way we can.

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