Seoul Reports North Korea’s Multiple Cruise Missile Firing

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seoul reports north korea’s multiple cruise missile firing

The country of North Korea has reportedly conducted several cruise missile launches just recently across its west coast as reported by the military of Seoul. This recent launching is among the most recent string of military actions carried by Pyongyang.

The reported launch just happened shortly after North Korea had fired two short-range ballistic missiles, in which it was described as a “tactical” nuclear strike drill; these actions were interpreted as a response to the annual US-South Korean Ulchi Freedom Shield military exercises, which North Korea constantly criticizes.

Details of the Missile Launches

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul verified that North Korea launched an undefined number of cruise missiles targeting the Yellow Sea at 4 a.m. These missiles’ specific properties and capabilities are still being evaluated. South Korea has increased surveillance and monitoring operations in reaction to these developments and is maintaining a state of readiness in collaboration with the US.

Earlier this week, leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un had visited a training command post wherein he reportedly outlined future war plans for his country; these alleged plans contained strategies which involved “simultaneous super-intense strikes” to be targeted in South Korea. For the whole year, North Korea had conducted several weapons tests, including a recent failed attempt to place a spy satellite across the orbit. 

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Response and Relations

As a response to the recent North Korean activity, South Korea and the United States have increased their bilateral ties for defense cooperation as they continuously conduct joint military exercises, which involves stealth jets and US strategic assets.

Moreover, diplomatic relations between the North and South of Korea is strained further as efforts to discuss denuclearization plans of North Korea have ultimately failed. Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has declared North Korea as an irreversible nuclear power and called for increased arms production and more nuclear weapons.

These recent developments highlight the ongoing tensions in the region and the challenges in achieving diplomatic progress regarding North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. The situation remains a concern for regional stability and international security.

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