Singapore’s Housing and Teacher Challenges Amid International Student Boom

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singapore's housing and teacher challenges amid international student boom

Singapore is experiencing a surge of international students from China and Southeast Asia, who are drawn by its high-quality education, safety, and proximity. However, this influx also poses challenges for the city-state, such as finding affordable accommodation and hiring experienced teachers.

According to Mr Lee, the founder of an education consultancy firm, his company has seen a 30% increase in the number of overseas students compared to last year. His firm acts as a bridge between these students and education institutions here.

One of the challenges they currently face is housing, as supply is limited and prices are high. Mr Lee said that some students have to share rooms or live in dormitories, which may not be ideal for their learning and well-being. He added that some parents are also concerned about the safety and hygiene of these places, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another challenge is finding qualified and experienced teachers, especially for English language courses. Mr Lee said that many students need to improve their English proficiency before they can enrol in mainstream schools or universities. However, he noted that there is a shortage of native English speakers or teachers with international certifications in Singapore.

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He said that some students have to settle for less qualified teachers or online classes, which may affect their learning outcomes and motivation. He suggested that the government could provide more incentives or support for teachers to upgrade their skills or obtain international qualifications.

Mr Lee said that despite these challenges, he expects the demand for international education in Singapore to continue to grow, as more parents and students recognise the benefits and opportunities it offers. He said that Singapore has a reputation for having a world-class education system, a multicultural and harmonious society, and a strategic location in the region.

He said that many students also see Singapore as a gateway to other destinations, such as Australia, Canada, or the UK, where they can pursue further studies or careers. He said that his firm helps students to plan their education pathways and achieve their goals.

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