American Idol judge Katy Perry under fire for controversial behavior

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american idol judge katy perry under fire for controversial behavior

Fans of American Idol were dismayed when judge Katy Perry looked to be bored during contender Willie Spence’s performance of “We Are The World.” The heartfelt performance was dedicated to the late singer and Idol alum “We Ani,” who unfortunately died earlier this year. Despite getting a standing ovation from the other judges and the crowd, Perry’s subdued demeanor was chastised on social media by fans.

Some people criticized Perry’s demeanor, wondering why she remained emotionless at such a moving occasion. Others defended Perry, saying she was brought to tears and didn’t want to reveal it on television. Whatever the cause, the incident split followers and ignited a social media discussion.

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This isn’t the first time Perry has experienced fan controversy during her term as an American Idol judge. Her judgments and remarks have often sparked debate, with some fans accusing her of being excessively harsh or failing to take the competition seriously.

Despite the criticism, Perry has remained a popular presence on the program and has been instrumental in the discovery of countless brilliant musicians over the years. It’s unclear if her lack of emotion to Spence’s performance will have any affect on her future on the program, but it’s evident that viewers will be watching her every move.

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