Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Govt Ensures Normal Operation of Cargo Shipping from and to China

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Last updated on May 6th, 2021 at 06:47 am

The cargo shipping from and to China via ports and airports operates normally. The business still runing amid coronavirus crisis, that first emerged in Wuhan. This was stated by a spokesperson of the Transportation Ministry Hengki Angkasawan.
But, there is shipping that was temporarily suspended, only shipping of animal lives, Hengki said.
“This policy follows the results of the limited meeting with President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo yesterday afternoon that was attended by Transportation Minister,” said Hengki on Wednesday, February 5.
As long as no coronavirus transmission found through goods, Hengki ensured that the cargo shipping was relatively safe. Besides, the World Health Organization (WHO) had not yet issued an appeal related to the suspension of the cargo traffic.

The delivery of live animals was stopped given the suspicion that the Wuhan virus generated from animals. The details of this regulation was under the authority of the Air Transportation Directorate General and Sea Transportation Directorate General, therefore Hengki was not explaining further.
Hengki ensured that the ministry would immediately hold intensive communications with other ministries for further checking on the shipping of agricultural commodities including fruits and garlic.

Previously reported, the Transportation Ministry issued a policy to temporarily close flights to and from China as of February 3 until further notice. This policy was taken in a bid to anticipate the spread of the coronavirus following the WHO’s issuance of emergency status in China.

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