Another One Tested Positive, Now Four Indonesians On Diamond Princess Ship Confirmed With Coronavirus

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Last updated on May 6th, 2021 at 08:29 am

There is another Indonesian crew member of the Diamond Princess cruise ship that positive coronavirus. That positive test for coronavirus was confirmed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Wednesday, Feb. 19.

Previously, three Indonesians were confirmed of having the highly contagious virus while on duty on the ship. They are now being quarantined off in Yokohama, Japan.

“We received information that four Indonesians are now positive with coronavirus on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The Indonesian embassy in Tokyo has sent a team to check them,” Judha Nugraha, the ministry’s director for the protection of Indonesian citizens, said at his office in Jakarta.

To monitor the quarantine, Indonesian government is working closely with the Japanese authorities.

As is known, there are 74 other Indonesians among 3,011 passengers and 3,711 crew members on the cruise ship. All of passengers and crew members have been placed under quarantine since Feb. 3.

In addition to Diamond Princess cruise ship, Judha also said there are 360 Indonesians were onboard the MS Westerdam cruise ship. The cruise ship that carrying 1,455 passengers and 802 crew members subject to scrutiny by the Cambodian authorities after a female passenger was confirmed of having the virus.

The Indonesian government is currently waiting for the result.

Diamond Princess cruise ship is the second most affected location after China, with a total of 621 cases of infection.

Currently, five Indonesian citizens have been confirmed of having coronavirus, and all occurring overseas. Besides the four Diamond Princess crew members, an Indonesian maid working in Singapore also tested positive for the virus.

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