10 best travel apps in the Philippines 2023

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best travel apps in the philippines

The smartphone has completely changed how we travel. In the past, you would be overloaded with maps, travel manuals, and other travel necessities. These days, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your phone. Here are the top ten Philippines travel apps for 2023.

1) Uber

Want a ride? You can use this well-known ride-sharing and taxi app. You can use your phone to call a driver and view their precise location on a map. To let you know who is coming, you will even have their name, photo, and licence plate. Share your ride on social media as well so that you may get in the car and be secure. Especially if you’re travelling alone, this is beneficial.

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The Uber corporation works in numerous nations throughout the world, particularly in urban areas like Manila, where it makes getting around the city as simple as a few taps on your smartphone.

2) Skype

You will eventually feel homesick if you are going to be gone for a long time. You had to make an expensive long-distance phone call or send a postcard back in the day. Today, all you need to do is open Skype and start a video chat with your family.

Additionally, it is free, so it won’t put a dent in your travel budget. If you Skype your loved ones from the stunning beaches of Boracay, can you imagine their envy?

3)Google Translate

It’s a good idea to learn at least some of the language yourself if you’re travelling to a place where the native tongue is different. Even language study applications like Grammarix and Best Australian Writers, two of the top 10 learning resources available, exist. But you won’t always be flawless. You won’t ever get stuck because Google Translate will take care of translations for you. The programme even allows you to scan writing and instantly translate it. This is perfect if you’re navigating the congested cities of Santa Rosa, or even if you’re attempting to decipher menus in Vigan or schedules in Tagaytay.

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4) Hopper

One of the most annoying experiences for travellers is looking for flights. Prices can be found all over the place. What time is best to travel? This app is beneficial.

It searches all flights that are available and provides you with a list based on your requirements, such as cheapest first or within a specific time limit. It’s a terrific strategy to ensure that you are constantly receiving the greatest offers. Flying is the most convenient way to travel between Filipino places because the country is served by more than 11 international airports and dozens of domestic airports.

5) XE Currency

“Currency rates are constantly changing. You won’t know what you’re paying when you’re travelling if you don’t keep track of them, according to Australian Reviewer’s travel manager Janet Ducal. “Having an app that can tell you exactly what you’re spending is better” The best method for accomplishing this is with XE Currency. This reputable software will display the most recent Philippine Peso exchange rates so you can accurately estimate your outgoing costs while travelling abroad.

6) Wi-Fi Map

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is a requirement no matter where you are. As more companies become aware of this, they start providing Wi-Fi to customers. You can find them using this app. When you start it up, it will utilise your current location to look for Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.

Then, you’ll be able to locate the nearby hotspot so you can upload those holiday photos or finish up some work without using up all of your data. If you want to stay connected, a map to help you locate the finest service is absolutely necessary. The quality of Wi-Fi networks in the Philippines can vary significantly, especially in places like Manila.

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7) Triposo

Since this programme may be used without an internet connection, you’re in luck even if there isn’t one close by. It will retrieve trip itineraries and other helpful data from countless online websites. With the help of this software, you may still access the information when you’re away from a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is ideal whether you’re exploring Mount Pulag’s breathtaking vistas or any of the stunning national parks.

8) Snapseed

Your holiday photographs are fantastic, however not all of them are as attractive as you would like. That picture of the sunset or the one of you in the bar is a little bit too dark. You can tweak them with the aid of this programme to make them ideal. This will guarantee that your Instagram-ready images of the stunning Panay region are in pristine condition.

According to travel blogger Gerry Henderson of Elite Assignment Help, “This app was fantastic because I wanted to submit images while on the road.” “I could edit an image on my phone in a few minutes, and it would be ready to travel.”

9) Pocket

You will require reading material for when you are travelling. As you make connections, you’ll have to spend time in waiting areas, buses, and aeroplanes. Online reading material can be collected and saved using Pocket so that you can read it later. When you have an hour-long layover and nothing to do, it’s wonderful.

10) AirBNB

This software is highly recommended by travellers looking for accommodations. A hotel may not be as comfy as an AirBNB. They’re an excellent choice if you’re travelling in a big group as well. The best part, according to traveller Fiona Morgan from Revieweal, is that they are frequently quite inexpensive. It allowed me to see locations I otherwise would not have been able to afford.

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