5 best loan apps in the Philippines

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5 best loan apps in the philippines

Budgeting is a useful financial technique that enables you to maintain your financial stability even in trying circumstances. However, even effective budget management cannot completely protect against scenarios necessitating specific expenses due to force majeure. Is the washer malfunctioning? Has a member of your family become ill, necessitating a substantial purchase of medication? Have you recently taken a cheap trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go?

It’s a good idea to have money set aside for situations like these. But what if it doesn’t? Or is this money just insufficient? It is important to note that you can always apply for a loan online in such circumstances. Therefore, we’ll discuss with you the top lending apps in the Philippines in this article.

In order to verify the client’s solvency, banks are focused on getting as many documentation from him as feasible. When money is needed right away, it will be quite difficult to obtain the same income certificate because it takes a while to issue. Banks also require guarantors from the borrower who will be accountable to them for upholding your responsibilities, in addition to the required documentation.

Applying for a loan from a lender is an alternative. There are several businesses in the Philippines that have special applications that let you apply for a loan rapidly. By doing this, one considerably reduces the amount of time it takes to register for the appropriate amount and receives it practically immediately.

1) Digido App

Among the most popular choices is a financing application called Digido. The Digido APK is available to all Filipino citizens, and it allows you to quickly apply for a loan using only your smartphone and the Internet. This software can be downloaded for iOS and Android and currently has a 4.5 user rating.

The Digido Philippines Loan App is a good option for people who need immediate cash that can be provided via the app. The company offers an easy application process and a high acceptance rate for loans.

A credit limit of Php25,000 can be expected for regular clients, while a limit of Php10,000 may be expected for new users. For three months, Digido Philippines will charge an application fee of 11.9% per month.

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2) Moneycat App

Moneycat is a global marketplace for employee loans. Moneycat Financing Inc. is one of the most well-known performers in the financial industry. Moneycat Financing Inc., sometimes known as Moneycat, is a recognised economic player in the Philippines with a top-notch app. It implies that both the client information and the money are safe.

On Android devices, Google Play offers a free download and use of the official Moneycat app. To do this, you must enter and search for Money Cat. Overall, users gave the Moneycat app 4.5 stars. Just carefully review the terms and conditions before applying for a loan to see if it would be beneficial.

3) OLP App

Utilize the OLP application to receive a specific loan offer with no additional fees and 0% yearly interest for new customers. The interest rate ranges from 0% to 180% annually, which is one advantage. Other characteristics of the OLP app include the fact that new and dependable repeat borrowers can borrow between 1,000 and 30,000 pesos.

Depending on the evaluation, the loan’s repayment time might be as little as 90 days or as long as 720 days.

Every user has access to and can download the smartphone app.

4) Tala App

Tala is a cutting-edge provider of data science and mobile technologies with a mission to transform credit scoring and international financial services. Download the app to start submitting online loan applications. After downloading the programme, sign up and finish a simple application on the Tala application.

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Applying should only take a few minutes. The main advantages include a variety of debt repayment options. an intuitive user interface. social networks that are active and frequently update their product offers. A trustworthy app that offers loans in the Philippines is called Tala App.

5) Unacash App

UnaCash is the name of a digital cash loan application. Each customer can enjoy a convenient and trouble-free experience thanks to low interest rates. Low rate of interest is one of the main advantages of this application. rapid loan approval (within 5 minutes). Up to six months of flexible loan terms are available. an individual credit line with a $1,000 to $50,000 cap.

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