10 Most In-Demand Jobs Philippines 2023

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10 most in demand jobs philippines

In 2023, a different set of skills will be in high demand in the Philippines. More people are looking for work online than ever before because of the pandemic. Fortunately, many businesses are willing to hire fresh graduates.

Multiple sectors had to shut down as a result of the lockdowns around the country. Millions of Filipinos were subsequently made unemployed. Industries in which employees can be located anywhere nevertheless did well. Thus, BPOs have been actively recruiting new talent.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reports that in July 2021, the country’s jobless rate reached a new high of 6.9%. For comparison, the jobless rate was 93% before the beginning of the epidemic, therefore this was a record low.

The fact remains, nevertheless, that people are actively seeking employment on the Internet. Further, businesses are actively seeking new employees.

Thus, if you are a recent grad or someone seeking a career change, stay with us! The most in-demand occupations in the Philippines in 2023 are detailed here. We will also provide you with some brief advice on how to apply for these openings.

Below are the 10 Most In-Demand Jobs Philippines 2023:

1Virtual Assistant
2Back Office Associate
3Call Center Agent
4Social Media Marketing
5Data Entry Specialists
6Recruitment Specialists
7Accounting Related Jobs
8Government Related Jobs
10Medical Jobs

1) Virtual Assistant

The most in-demand job in the Philippines is the virtual assistant position, and here’s why: 68% of American businesses outsource services to countries such as India and the Philippines. Therefore, Filipinos have many opportunities to work for overseas clients.

Clients seek Virtual Assistants in a variety of fields. As a result, the phrase “Virtual Assistants” encompasses a broad scope. Consequently, the job description is dependent on the client or employer.

However, how can you locate international clientele to deal with?

You can get work as a Virtual Assistant by freelancing or by working for a BPO. In either case, you would be working with an international client.

However, the biggest difference would be in terms of benefits and employment security. The market for “Virtual Assistants” in the Philippines is now heavily saturated. Therefore, competition is fierce.

Therefore, if you are a novice Virtual Assistant without expertise, it will be tough to acquire your first client. In addition, acquiring a client does not guarantee that the client would renew a contract with you.

Certainly, there are advantages and disadvantages to every employment, and being a virtual assistant is no exception.

Alternatively, if you work as a Virtual Assistant in a BPO, you have the opportunity to collaborate with international clients, get knowledge from industry experts, and earn a stable wage. And the best part is that experience is not required.

You would receive training and have several options for job progression. In addition, you receive health insurance, 13th-month salary, and other benefits stipulated by the government.

2) Back Office Associate

Second on the list of in-demand jobs is the “Back Office Associate,” which is a position that is growing in demand in the Philippines (BOA). Similarly to Virtual Assistants, the job description of a depends on the client’s requirements.

BOAs are charged with assisting multiple industries, including IT, customer service, order processing, and other administrative responsibilities.

As a BOA, recent grads and those with no experience can readily apply. In fact, lack of experience might be advantageous!

As long as you have excellent communication skills, the correct mindset, and a willingness to learn, being a novice BOA at Global Strategic won’t be an issue.

BOA applicants must have at least two years of college experience. Applicants are expected to have a fundamental understanding of standard apps such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, and to be comfortable using a computer.

3) Call Center Agent

Despite the pandemic, the Philippines’ call center industry has flourished for many years, and for good reason.

The Philippines are known as the “World’s BPO Capital,” which is why call center agents are so in-demand in the Philippines. Foreign firms continue to commend the Philippines for its workforce’s talent and work ethic. In addition, the government provides substantial support for the BPO industry in the country.

Each year, an increasing number of corporations invest in outsourcing to the country. Thus, there is a continual supply of employment openings in the Philippines, even for people without experience.

Nevertheless, despite the large number of open employment, the call center market may be extremely competitive. No longer do businesses simply hire everyone who walks through their door.

4) Social Media Marketing

Similar to our daily routine, our entertainment sources have changed from television to the internet. Consequently, advertisements, businesses, and more appeared.

Therefore, the need for social media marketers and content developers is so great. In today’s era of social media and entertainment, branding is crucial.

The public perception (or lack thereof) of an individual can make or break a corporation. Consequently, there is such an emphasis on social media marketing.

Granted, this is still a fairly niche business with a small number of participants, but still in-demand nonetheless. Therefore, competition is rather mediocre. In regards to marketing, lead generation, and content production, however, you still have plenty to learn, especially as a novice.

5) Data Entry Specialists

In every organization, data is of paramount importance. As a result, Data Entry Specialist opportunities are always available and in-demand in the Philippines.

Data entry is by far the most accessible of the in-demand occupations discussed in this article. You require simply a fundamental understanding of document processing applications like Microsoft Word and Excel.

A Data Entry Specialist’s fundamental duty is to validate and digitize data. Primarily, you would be responsible for administrative activities relating to data input.

Similar to Virtual Assistant jobs, the work description of a Data Entry Specialist varies on the customer. A Data Entry Specialist from the Philippines, for instance, may be responsible for collecting data, bills, client information, financial statements, invoices, and receipts.

Data Entry Specialists, like VAs, can work independently or for BPO organizations. You can easily apply online for a position as a Data Entry Specialist even if you are a recent college graduate with no experience.

6) Recruitment Specialists

As businesses continue to grow, they will require more individuals to fill open roles. But how can these businesses locate qualified candidates? Recruitment Associates and Specialists come into play here!

The primary focus of a Recruitment Specialist’s job description is candidate screening. In addition, they may be entrusted with recruiting potential candidates and doing a post-screening evaluation.

A corporation may receive hundreds upon hundreds of applications daily. To manage this, the recruitment team divides the workload across team members to reduce the stress on each worker.

Consequently, a typical day for the recruitment team could include employees calling leads for early interviews or following up with no-show applicants. Those who successfully complete the initial interview are then eligible for a second interview. This is often handled by recruitment specialists.

7) Accounting Related Jobs

In 2022, accountants, accounting analysts, and related positions are in great demand. These individuals are mostly responsible for administrative chores.

The majority of employers will inquire about your familiarity with software such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, and SAP apps.

Accountants and Accounting Analysts can also work as virtual assistants for a BPO company. However, like with the majority of employment within the business, competition is fierce.

8) Government-Related Jobs

Numerous individuals aspire to work for the Philippine government as it is one of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines. If you find employment, you will receive a number of benefits, including work security and a pension.

Before applying for a government position, you must often pass the civil service examination, as it is one of the fundamental prerequisites. After that, the government offers a variety of opportunities in several disciplines.

You can work for the government in a variety of fields, including Information and Communications Technology, education, tourism, finance, and the environment.

9) Education

Dr. Jose Rizal immortalized the phrase, “Ang Kabataan Ang Pag-Asa Ng Bayan” (The youth is the hope of the country). Thus, the Philippines have consistently highlighted the significance of education.

According to a report from the Manila Bulletin, the education sector received the most budget increase in 2022. Currently, the Department of Education’s budget is around P36.8 billion more than it was previously.

In addition, there is a significant increase in the demand for local instructors. Both public and private schools are seeking to fill teaching openings. You may also choose to become an ESL instructor online (English as a Second Language).

10) Medical Jobs

Last on the list of in-demand jobs in the Philippines hails from the medical or health care industry, which ranks eighth among the top 10 hiring industries in the Philippines, according to a Jobstreet report. In light of the pandemic’s impact, this is a very startling fact.

Nonetheless, here are the most in-demand positions in the medical industry: Nurse, Physician, Pharmacist, Medical Technologist, Customer Service Representative, Healthcare Data Management Specialist, and Medical Coder.

And that concludes the 10 Most In-Demand Jobs Philippines 2022! Would you try out a job from this list?

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