The Walking Dead: Dead City release date, cast and more

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the walking dead dead city release date cast and more

The first official Walking Dead spinoff is Walking Dead: Dead City. This new offshoot is one of several that will debut in 2023 and 2024, and there will probably be more in the future. The location alone will make Dead City significantly different from the main series. The setting of Dead City will be post-apocalyptic Manhattan, an island cut off from the mainland since the beginning of the epidemic.

Maggie and Negan, two important figures from The Walking Dead plot, will have their stories continued in Dead City. Not only did both of these characters play key parts in the original, but since Negan viciously murdered Maggie’s husband, Glenn, they have also been at odds (Steven Yeun).

The reason why these two characters, of all people, would be paired up in a series baffled the audience. According to showrunner Eli Jorné, Maggie and Negan would be the most fascinating combo for a series because of their “trauma and baggage.”

Release date

AMC recently revealed that the premiere of Dead City would be postponed from April to June 2023. Dead City will debut on AMC on June 18 at 10 p.m. ET, immediately following the season 8 midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead, it was revealed at WonderCon 2023.


The revelation that Logan Kim would play an older version of Maggie’s son Hershel was made at WonderCon 2023. The other members are as follows.

Karina Oritz – Amaia

Gaius Charles – Armstrong

Željko Ivanek – The Croat

Trey Santiago-Hudson – Jano

Michael Anthony – Luther

Randy Gonzalez – Hunched Man

Mahina Napoleon – Ginny

David Chen – Gritz

Saint Marino – Cataract Man

Caleb Reese Paul – Wesley

Matthew R. Staley – Hero Buraz

Charlie Solis – The Bartender

Jesse Reid – Male Prostitute

John Wu – Mr. Aizawa

Jonathan Higginbotham – Tommaso

Alex Borlo – The Prostitute

Alex Huynh – Key Swallow

Eleanor Reissa – Esther

Aixa Kendrick – Scavenger Woman

Hedley Harlan – Skinny Buraz

Justin Clarke – Croat Main Goon


A previous teaser was released, however the most recent teaser included more details.

Since Maggie and Negan have never gotten along, it has been long theorized what tragedy would unite them. Hershel, Maggie’s son, has been kidnapped, as the new teaser confirms what many have long believed. The latest teaser implies that this series would not resemble the main one in any way and that Negan is a wanted man.

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