Sarawak’s Revenue Doubles In 6 Years, Hits Record RM13.1 Billion

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sarawak's revenue hits record rm13.1 billion

Sarawak is a region in Malaysia. The Premier of Sarawak, Abang Johari Openg, announced a remarkable achievement for the state. In 2023, Sarawak’s revenue reached a new high of RM13.1 billion. This is an increase from last year’s record of RM11.9 billion.

The revenue of a place like Sarawak comes from different sources, such as taxes, businesses, and investments. When the revenue increases, it means the region is earning more money. This growth is particularly impressive because Sarawak has doubled its revenue from RM6 billion in just six years.

Higher revenue means the government has more money to spend on important things for its people. In Sarawak, they plan to use this extra money to build and improve basic infrastructure. This includes roads, electricity, and water supplies, especially in rural areas where these facilities are much needed.

Sarawak’s significant increase in revenue to RM13.1 billion in 2023 can be attributed to a strategy referred to as “revenue engineering” by the state government. This approach includes the implementation of various new laws.

The revenue sources for Sarawak are diverse, comprising tax revenue, non-tax revenue, non-revenue receipts, and federal grants and reimbursements. This diversified approach, along with the recent legal changes, has likely contributed to the substantial growth in the state’s revenue.

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The government is also focusing on education, which is vital for the development of any region. They will help fix old schools and build new ones. This is important even though education is usually managed by Malaysia’s federal government.

Sarawak is also emphasizing the importance of learning English and Mandarin. Learning multiple languages can open many opportunities for people, especially in our increasingly connected world.

Sarawak’s record revenue is great news for its people. It means more development, better education, and improved living conditions.

The government is focusing more on infrastructure and education for the well-being and growth of the region. This is a positive step towards a brighter future for Sarawak.

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