BLACKPINK’s Lisa performs at Crazy Horse Paris; What’s controversy?

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blackpink's lisa performs at crazy horse paris; what's controversy

Lalisa Manobal, known mononymously as Lisa, has performed at Crazy Horse Paris. However, she is surrounded by controversy because of her performance at Crazy Horse Paris. What is Crazy Horse Paris? What has happened to BLACKPINK’s Lisa? What did Lisa do in Paris?

Lisa’s Crazy Horse Paris performance was successful. However, her performance had a strict policy of no photographs.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa performs at Crazy Horse Paris

BLACKPINK’s Lisa performed three solo shows on September 28, 29, and 30. The show’s tickets were also sold out. She also shared a few beautiful moments from the shows in an Instagram post. 

What is Crazy Horse Paris?

Crazy Horse Paris is a theatrical entertainment show. The event mainly features singing and dancing. The shows are usually performed by semi-nude female dancers. The shows are a unique combination of seduction and sophistication.

What’s the controversy?

Some people perform topless in most performances. Hence, BLACKPINK’s Lisa is surrounded with controversy. However, the performances are presented in an artistic way. The shows do not claim to objectify women.

Audiences are usually not allowed to take photos and videos of the shows. Viewers’ mobile phones are usually placed in magnetic boxes until the end of the 90-minute show.

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Crazy Horse Paris ticket price

A non-dining ticket to the Crazy Horse Paris show starts at $121 USD. A private dining experience cost around $313 USD. The show usually takes place at 12 Avenue George V, Paris, in front of the famous Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa creating history

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has created history by performing at the Crazy Horse Paris. She created a buzz because of her performance in Paris. It is one of the most prestigious cabarets in Paris. 

Lisa is also in the limelight over her discussion with YG Entertainment regarding her contract renewal for the K-Pop group BLACKPINK.

Fans think that Lisa will not renew her contract with YG Entertainment. What do you think about BLACKPINK’s Lisa?

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