Blue Zones: How People From These Longevity Hotspots Start Their Days

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blue zones how people from these longevity hotspots start their days

While the internet always remains flooded with the morning habits of some of the world’s most successful business people, it would be negligent on your end if you didn’t at least take a look at how people from the ‘Blue Zones’ start their days.

Blue Zones are longevity hotspots. They are geographic areas with lower rates of chronic diseases and a longer life expectancy. In these hidden corners scattered across the globe, people are often seen living up to 100 years and frequently avoiding dementia as well.

Dan Buettner, a Minnesota native, continent-trekking cyclist and storyteller, figured out the Earth consisted of at least five Blue Zones in the early 2000s. That’s when he made the term a household phrase in a best-selling cover story for National Geographic.

People residing in these longevity hotspots – Ikaria in Greece, Loma Linda in California, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica and Okinawa in Japan – are outliving the majority of the world’s population because they have figured out what others haven’t, according to Buettner.

Morning Habits Of The Longest Living People

The author and explorer has made it his mission to reveal the specific lifestyle practices followed by residents of Blue Zones that contribute to their enviable health. The sharing of knowledge could assist others in living longer lives, such as the significance of community.

Finding Your ‘Ikigai’

Essentially, what motivates you to get out of bed every morning? The Japanese idea of ikigai is about embracing your passion and living a purposeful life. Inhabitants of at least one of the Blue Zones focus on finding whatever motivates them to get up and wholeheartedly follow it.

Importance Of A Nutritious Breakfast

It’s no news that a good nutritious diet is crucial to living longer. While exploring the longevity hotspots, Buettner found a 105-year-old woman in Loma Linda, who starts her day with a big cup of slow-cooked oats topped with walnuts, dates and a splash of soy milk.

Showing Kindness To The First Person We Encounter

Behaviours are contagious. Buettner once told a journalist: “Say something nice to the first person we meet,” according to Well And Good. He begins his day by literally complimenting people, while also consuming a nutritious meal and engaging in 20 minutes of exercise.

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