Chris Martin seemingly responds to criticism of Coldplay’s concert in Malaysia

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chris martin seemingly responds to criticism of coldplays concert in malaysia

In case you aren’t aware, British pop-rock band Coldplay is coming to Malaysia this November. And easily said, the journey since the announcement hasn’t been the smoothest.

Nevertheless, lead singer Chris Martin recently sat down for an interview with radio DJs Arnold Loh and Anne Jacyntha from the HITZ Morning Crew to discuss the much-awaited show.

From his thoughts about Coldplay’s first-ever concert in the Asian country to learning Malay-lingo in preparation for the performance, Martin even talked about how the group plans to handle the heat and humidity of Malaysia.

“Kuala Lumpur is somewhere we’ve dreamed about coming to for a long time,” the singer said in the interview, revealing his excitement and gratefulness.

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One of their goals this time around was to come to places they haven’t been before, and maybe places that might pose a little difficulty while performing, he added.

One of the key moments from the interview was when the DJs asked Martin if he had any message to share with his fans in Malaysia.

Seemingly addressing the controversy that has been surrounding their upcoming concert in November, the lead singer stressed how much the band has respected the Asian country from afar for a long time.

He highlighted the sense of love and warmth he feels every time while meeting Malaysian people. “Everybody is welcome to our show. We love … all kinds of people, all religions.”

Martin tried to include every person from every group in his statement, stressing “all leaders, all followers” are welcome to their concert.

Anyone who isn’t really pleased about the upcoming show, “We’re sorry, but we love you too,” he concluded.

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