“COVID-19 Diaries: Frontliners Setting a New Level of PPE as Money Heist Warriors”

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In Netflix Philippines, Money heist is on the top of the most viewed series during Enhanced Community Quarantine and no wonder that this series is giving ailment to the filipinos who want to relax due to stress before the lockdown.

But this time, a fashion designer wanted a new level of work for the PPEs that frontliners need – who have veen spending their time battling the COVID-19.

Every individual has a role to play in preventing the COVID-19 virus from spreading further. Many creatives have lent their skills to help provide funding or supplies, while others have used their abilities to uplift the spirits of our frontliners and citizens.

He was able to do both in the case of fashion designer Ram Silva by adding a fun, Netflix-inspired feature to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which he developed while in quarantine.

Coping with anxiety from putting his fashion company on hold motivated Ram, who is based in Iloilo, to use his expertise and training to build PPEs for our frontliners.

A different kind of optimistic” he decided to add a fun twist to his creations by making them based on the latest Netflix obsession of all, Money Heist, as Ram puts it during an interview with Candy over Messenger.

The PPEs are also used by the staff of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Western Visayas Medical Centre.

Being in quarantine has been rough on everyone, so certainly there should be no pressure for them to feel the need to be successful during this period (they can’t emphasize enough).

Now the important thing is to first take care of your physical and emotional health.

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