Covid-19: Face masks mandatory for passengers, says Malaysian Airlines

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Passengers wearing safety masks in Airport

KUALA LUMPUR – For the health and safety of all future passengers, Malaysia Airlines are now requiring a mandatory use of face masks at touch-points such as check-in, boarding, in the aircraft cabin, disembarkation and collection of baggage on arrival on all domestic, international and charter flights starting April 23, 2020.

This requirement applies to all passengers to lessen the spread of Covid-19. The airliner may choose to deny passengers that does not have a face mask at the time of check-in and boarding.

The face mask can be single-ply mask, three-ply mask, cloth mask or reusable mask and must be worn at all times with mealtime on board the only exception. The airline also said that passenger would still need to show their face during identification for safety and security reasons. They also encouraged the passengers to bring their hand sanitiser and observe social distancing while complying with other safety measures to ensure orderly and safe journey.

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