“EndCOV: The New Rise of Information from University of the Philippines ”

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“EndCOV: The New Rise of Information from University of the Philippines ”

Thinking of ways to counter the latest coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic isn’t an simple thing. Solutions to flatten the curve are constantly debated as cases gradually increase over time.

Cooperation between the National Government, Local Government Units (LGUs), and various local authorities implementing precautionary public safety measures is a huge step. Nonetheless, further studies, medical tests, and test kits are required to see a reduction in positive cases in the region.

In its response to COVID-19, the University of the Philippines (UP) initially released test kits which the government has approved for mass testing. Recently, EndCOV.ph was launched by UP’s Resilience Center and National Operational Assessment of Hazards — a website that displays critical details about the country’s current pandemic situation.

The dashboard provides an summary of the country’s current situation with COVID-19 events. Additionally, the website shows other COVID-19 relevant pages such as latest advisories, policies, tools, list of COVID-19 hospitals, ISKOnsult (symptom checker), charts and patient profiles.

A list of admitted patients including their current status is listed under the cases tab. By pressing the information button, a detailed report of the patient will be shown, containing the nationality of the patient, the status, the hospital he / she was admitted to, the date the virus was contracted, its type of transmission, official confirmation of any local agency, symptoms, travel history and potential connections.

This new creation of health information will surely help the country to monitor the updates from the pandemic virus.

May it serve as a helping tool for everyone.

Great job for UP!

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