Enter with high body temperature, 10 foreigners at Batam airport advised to return home

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As many ten foreign nationals were asked to return home. This was advised by the Batam Port Health Office due to they had high body temperature upon arrival at the international airport in the city. The authorities decided to ask them to return home to avoid the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19.

The policy was adopted after so many countries announced the coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak and to avoid the spread of this virus in the country.

“We did that. Today, I have not yet received information,” Chief of the Quarantine Control and Epidemiology Surveillance of the Batam Port Health Office Romer Simanungkalit said on Tuesday.

Head of the Batam Port Health Office Achmad Farchanny said the port authorities advised ten foreign nationals to return home since a new strain of coronavirus or SARS CoV-2 first surfaced in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Furthermore, he said the office did not reject their arrival but only advised them, who mostly were  from Singapore, to return to their country. This means they can come again to Batam once they recover.

They returned to their country voluntarily, he said.

Even though the office allowed foreign nationals, who had higher body temperature while passing through a thermal scanner, to enter Indonesia, this is not enough.  They also had to pass through a series of medical checkups first at a hospital.

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