Everything You Need To Know About Miss Thailand World 2023 Tharina Botes

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everything you need to know about miss thailand world 2023 tharina botes

In a night that sparkled as brightly as her aspirations, 26-year-old Tharina Botes, a model of Thai-South African heritage from Phuket, stole hearts and the coveted title of Miss Thailand World 2023. The enchanting ceremony, named “Miss Thailand World 2023: Real Beauty Empowers,” unfolded at Bangkok’s luxurious Berkley Hotel, setting the stage for a fairy tale to come true.

Beyond the Tiara: A Million Reasons to Smile

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Tharina’s radiance shone brighter than any diamond-encrusted crown, valued at a dazzling 500,000 baht. But it wasn’t just the tiara; she was presented with 1 million baht in cash—a million dreams waiting to be fulfilled.

Tharina’s journey wasn’t confined to runways and stages. She represented South Africa at Miss International 2016, made waves at Miss South Africa 2018, and found her stride as a Top 10 finalist at Miss Grand Thailand 2019. But her heart beat for something more profound—a purpose beyond beauty.

Tharina carved time from her whirlwind life to create “Good Guardians, The Uplifting Project.” This endeavor nourishes underprivileged families and kindles hope through scholarships for children. “Everyone deserves a chance at a good life,” she passionately affirms, inviting the world to join her in this transformative journey.

Tharina is also an ambassador for “Scholars of Sustenance (SOS),” a foundation that channels surplus food to the needy. Her involvement illuminates her commitment to spreading hope and alleviating hunger in vulnerable communities.

Beyond the glimmer of pageantry, Tharina’s interests sprawl across fashion, visual arts, and sports—a testament to her vibrant, multifaceted personality.

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From Miss Teen to Miss World

Tharina’s journey unveiled remarkable milestones. Crowned Miss Teen Gauteng in 2014, she ventured to Tokyo, Japan, in 2016 to represent South Africa at Miss International. In 2018, she delved into commerce studies in South Africa and graced the Top 12 at Miss South Africa.

From 2018 to 2020, she flourished as a PR ambassador in Johannesburg, masterfully blending public relations with her magnetic charm. In 2019, she celebrated her graduation from the University of South Africa, holding a bachelor’s degree in commerce and economics.

Tharina’s global odyssey commenced as Miss Grand Phuket 2019, championing her region. Her journey continued at Miss Grand Thailand 2019, where she secured a coveted spot in the Top 10. Immersing herself in the luxury brand sphere in Phuket from November 2019 to March 2020 showcased her versatility.

In 2021, Tharina represented Phuket at Miss Universe Thailand 2021, clinching the runner-up position. Her quest for excellence knew no bounds as she explored France, Greece, and Italy in 2022.

The Crowned Jewel of 2023

At 26, Tharina ascended to the zenith of her dreams, securing the title of Miss Thailand World 2023. On October 1, 2023, amidst 19 other talented candidates, she carved her name in the annals of beauty. Her reign as Miss Thailand World 2023 leads her to the grandest stage of all—the Miss World 2023 competition in New Delhi, India, on December 16, 2023.

Tharina Botes’ journey embodies the essence of real beauty—beauty with a purpose. Her multicultural roots, philanthropic fervor, and ceaseless pursuit of growth resonate as a symphony of inspiration. As she embarks on her global odyssey, Tharina continues to empower real beauty—a beauty that transcends appearances, embracing compassion, resilience, and the vision to make the world a more beautiful place for all.

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