Hillary Clinton says that Abu Dhabi’s desire to be innovative is admirable

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hilary clinton says that abu dhabi's desire to be innovative is admirable

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in the capital on Monday that Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates are well-positioned to create the future that the world requires and can make significant strides in facilitating real-world solutions to global problems and disputes.

In addition, the former US presidential contender praised the UAE for its accomplishments since her last visit in 2011 as US Secretary of State.

“All that has occurred since 2012 is a clear indicator of how well-positioned Abu Dhabi and the UAE are for the future that we must build together. When I was last in Abu Dhabi, [the Abu Dhabi Global Market] did not exist, thus its creation is quite a feat… At a fireside chat at the Resolve 2023 International Conflict Resolution Forum in Abu Dhabi,” Clinton said that the common law courts system, the resolution of disputes, and the resolve to try to transition to clean energy had undergone a number of inventive and very novel changes.

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A Clean Energy Future

She was pointing to the progress the UAE has made toward a sustainable energy future, as seen by its hosting of COP28 and its transformation of women’s rights. In reality, since her last visit, the UAE has decreed, among other things, that women must be on the boards of government agencies and enterprises, and the American politician and attorney expressed “pride and gratitude” for these reforms.

Clinton urged the UAE, though, to continue exhibiting real-world action to the globe.

“Much is expected from people who have already accomplished so much, since you have committed to a future that differs from your past,” she remarked at Resolve 2023, the second edition of an annual forum that focuses on finding solutions to international disputes and global difficulties.

The one-day event was hosted by the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), Abu Dhabi’s financial market, and featured participants and speakers discussing issues and trends in sustainability, artificial intelligence and the Internet, financing terrorism and sanctions, and UAE infrastructure.

The ADGM Courts has launched the first project to implement blockchain technology for the global enforcement of business judgments. The innovative method uploads judgements to the blockchain, allowing business enforcement courts to verify the validity of rulings and so revolutionizing the enforcement procedure. In addition, the ADGM Arbitration Centre is establishing the world’s first “Mediation in the Metaverse” service, which reimagines the global delivery of mediation.

Clinton praised the actions, deeming them ‘amazing,’ and called for more of the same to address other worldwide issues such as climate change.

“I wish there was more of what you’re doing with Resolve on the climate level, not to inflict punishments or fees, but to generate ideas. At COP28, this could be something that the UAE does that would make a real difference: a problem-solving electronic platform where people could provide information about what they are facing and seek solutions from people who have done it, or have new regulations and laws to address the issue,” she said.

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