LGBT Called in the 2020 Family Resilience Bill, Must Be Rehabilitated?

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) individuals are referred to in the Family Resilience Bill.

In the draft of Family Resilience Bill by the Legislative Body of the Parliament (18/2/2020), individuals or members of LGBT families are required to report as stated in articles 86 and 87.

The following is a draft of the 2020 Family Resilience Bill.

Article 85 contains sexual deviations which read, “Homosex (men with men) and lesbians (women with women) is a matter of social identity where someone loves or likes someone of the same sex”.

In Article 86 it is written, “Families experiencing Family Crisis due to sexual irregularities are required to report their family members to the Agency that handles Family Resilience or rehabilitation institutions appointed by the Government to receive treatment and / or care”.

Furthermore, Article 87 which reads almost in line with Article 86, emphasizes that every adult who experiences sexual irregularities must report to the Agency that handles Family Resilience or rehabilitation institutions to receive treatment and / or care.

In addition, Article 88 states that the rehabilitation institutions referred to in Article 86 and Article 87 are organized by government agencies or the community appointed by the Agency that handles Family Resilience.

Whereas Article 89 states, “Provisions regarding the implementation of mandatory reporting, rehabilitation for Families experiencing Family Crisis are regulated by Government Regulation”.

Member of the Gerindra Faction, Sodik Mujahid is one of the proponents of the Family Resilience Bill which states that LGBT people must be reported so that they can be treated immediately.

As in the interview Tuesday (2/18/2020), Sodik said, “Let’s look at it more fundamentally. Homosexual example, does it not interfere with the future of humanity on a family basis?

According to him the family is the most basic institution in social life. All ethics, morals, behavior starts with the family. Sodik emphasizes the strengthening of quality and quality in the family to be protected from things like LGBT.

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