Mass demonstrate around parliament building, DPR: HIP Bill and Omnibus Bill have not been ratified at plenary session

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Last updated on May 6th, 2021 at 10:37 am

Mass demonstrate around parliament building, DPR: HIP Bill and Omnibus Bill have not been ratified at plenary session

Indonesian Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Dasco Ahmad ensured that the Pancasila Ideology Guidelines (HIP) Bill and the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation would not be ratified in the Plenary Session of Closing Period IV of 2019-2020, at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Thursday, July 16.

“Yesterday, the meeting of the Deliberation Board which later scheduled the plenary session today to close the session period, I made sure there was no ratification of the HIP Bill into Law and/or the  Omnibus Bill on Job Creation to become the Omnibus Law, “Dasco said at the Indonesian Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta.

The Gerindra Party politician asked the public to confirm the truth of their information before voicing their demands. Information that is doubtful of the truth has the potential to create a situation that is not conducive.

Dasco said that if the government took a stand not to continue the discussion of the HIP Bill, the Indonesian Parliament would be ready to follow up on the government’s attitude in accordance with the prevailing mechanism and regulations.

He also ensured that the House of Representatives would always respond to public input from community leaders as well as from workers who gave reject the ratification of the HIP Bill and the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation today.

Demonstrators crowded into the  People’s Representative Council /People’s Consultative Assembly or DPR/MPR Building, Senayan, Jakarta. There were two demonstrations held this afternoon, Thursday, July 16.

Those are, the demonstration demanded the revocation of the HIP Bill and the rejection of the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation.

The mass organizations present included, among others, the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212, the Anti-Communist National Alliance (Anak) of the Republic of Indonesia, the National Fatwa Guard Movement of the Indonesia Ulema Council (GNPF-U).

Then, Islamic Defenders Paramilitary (LPI), Forum of Islamic Community (FUI), and the Indonesian Patriot National Movement (GNPI).

They again demanded that the DPR take a stand and revoke the HIP Bill.

Demonstrations against the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation were carried out by masses from workers, students, to community organizations in the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta.

Those are who participated, the People’s Joint Labor Movement (GEBRAK) group, the National Union Confederation (KSN), the People’s Struggle Unit (KPR), and the Indonesian Port Workers Federation.

The student groups that took part in the demonstration included the GMNI UKI, the Indonesian Student Federation (Fijar), the Student Executive Board (BEM) Jentera, and other groups. Demonstrations from the two different groups of demands remain in compliance with the health protocol to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

“There are about 4,000 masses consisting of workers, students, and a number of other elements,” said Chairperson of the Confederation of the All-Indonesia Workers Alliance Congress (KASBI), Nining Elitos, as quoted by, Thursday.

The Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) previously also said it would hold a large-scale demonstration after leaving the technical team that discussed the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation, specifically the labor cluster.

“Currently KSPI is consolidating workers to carry out large-scale actions in all regions of Indonesia which are planned to be held simultaneously in early August 2020,” KSPI President Said Iqbal said in a written statement on Tuesday, July 14, quoted from

Said said the action would be followed by hundreds of thousands of workers from all over Indonesia. For the Greater Jakarta area, the action will be centered at the DPR/MPR Building, while in the regions, they are centered in the respective office of governor and provincial Regional Representative Council.

The police stood guard in front of the capitol. They closed the road in front of the main gate of the Indonesian Parliament building for a while. Demonstrators who came to the place increasingly crowded. All vehicles that pass that road are diverted to another road.

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