Restrict Interaction, Bank Indonesia Closes the Cash Payment System Service

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Many services that involve social interaction will be temporarily canceled, starting from Monday, March 16, 2020. This was conveyed by the Executive Director of the Communication Department of Bank Indonesia or BI Onny Widjanarko, Tuesday (17/3).

Onny explained, this was done as a form of prevention in response to the spread of the corona virus or Covid-19 in Indonesia. Because, services that involve a lot of social interaction are cash payment system services.

Furthermore, Onny explained that the service includes a mobile cash service both in the city and to 3T areas (lagging, leading and outermost) throughout Indonesia.

“Going forward, Bank Indonesia will continue to coordinate with the government and other authorities to monitor and monitor the development of the spread of Covid-19 including its implications for the national economy,” Onny said.

For more information, the central bank is opening a number of services such as the BI Contact Center, TALK, Telephone: 131 (local credit) and 1500131 (from abroad). In addition, Bank Indonesia can be contacted via e-mail [email protected]

Onny also said, the services of exchanging damaged money and clarifying counterfeit money by the public and banks throughout Indonesia were also stopped. Likewise, public services such as public visits to BI, the BI Visitor Center, the Bank Indonesia Museum, and the Bank Indonesia Library were closed.

Meanwhile, services that continue to operate normally include the BI Real Time Gross Settlement Service (BI-RTGS), the Bank Indonesia National Clearing System (SKNBI), rupiah and foreign exchange monetary transaction transactions supported by the Bank Indonesia Scripless Securities Settlement System (BI- SSSS), Bank Indonesia Electronic Trading Platform (BI-ETP) and Rupiah withdrawal and deposit services from banks / PJPUR (Rupiah Money Processing Service Providers).

It also said, BI has coordinated and synergized with the government and related authorities in taking collective steps to carry out monitoring, assessment, and mitigation of the implications of the spread of the virus.

“BI is committed to continuing to carry out public duties and services to ensure the maintenance of monetary stability, financial stability, the implementation of payment systems that are safe, smooth, reliable and efficient, and to ensure the availability of Rupiah money in the community,” said Onny.

The implementation of these public services and duties is carried out by observing the application of OSH (Safety, Health and Safety) aspects in terms of Bank Indonesia employees, as well as the public / parties interacting with Bank Indonesia.

BI also implements the government’s call to distance social interaction (Social Distancing). In safeguarding the continuity of BI’s duties and at the same time anticipating the impact of the spread of Covid-19, BI determined among other things the mechanism of working from home for all Bank Indonesia employees.

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