Right Wing Group is Expected to Hold a Rally as a Result of an Upgrade of Activism

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A right-wing party called Archeewa Chuai Map will hold a rally Thursday in what is seen as a attempt to support the government in the wake of student activists’ protests.

The party denounced the Free Youth community and the Student Union of Thailand in a statement released on Tuesday, calling on the government to dissolve parliament, avoid using draconian laws against political opponents, and rewrite the constitution on July 18. The student activists said this would result in a “upgrade” of their advocacy if their demands were not met within two weeks.

The party shared regarding evidence existed that the student demonstrators used fake news and false facts to cause confusion about the monarchy, which had nothing to do with their demands. Actually the actions of the students could end up escalating conflicts within the country, warned the party.

The group said its planned rally is intended to provide objective information about the monarchy and reveal the true motives of the student anti-government demonstrations and those who are behind the student oppression efforts.

Deputy Democrat Party chief Nipit Intarasombat, who heads a committee appointed to the House to study constitutional reforms, said on Tuesday that the committee had until mid-September to finalize its charter reform report. Now, members of the committee are going to the provinces to collect public and demonstration views. He noted that the proposed changes to the charter ought to favor the public and foster democracy rather than politicians and political parties. He added that the requests of the demonstrators for changes had already been tabled for consideration by the council.

Mr Nipit also said the government would not start a process of amending the constitution itself, as this could be seen as being driven by self-interest. It will be left to the House of Representatives — including parliamentarians from different political parties — to change the Constitution.

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