MAMAMOO’s Hwasa was dating someone for 5 years; Agency made brief response

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mamamoo’s hwasa was dating someone for 5 years; agency made brief response

Hwasa, a famous South Korean singer, rapper, and television personality as well as a member of the girl group MAMAMOO, has reportedly been dating someone for the past five years, according to media outlet Sports Seoul.

Ahn Hye-jin, known professionally by her stage name Hwasa, is reportedly dating a businessman who is 12 years older than her. Sports Seoul released an exclusive report talking about Hwasa’s relationship with the businessman.

Various South Korean media outlets reported that the lady has been dating an entrepreneur for the past 5 years. Reportedly, her partner, referred to as Mr A, was born in 1983. They started dating each other five years ago when Hwasa pursued Mr A while he was working in the music industry.

Mr A owns various private businesses in South Korea. He has worked in the music industry in the country. 

Reportedly, a source with knowledge about the matter, said, “At first, Mr A had reservations about accepting Hwasa’s advances due to the age difference and his public image as a well-known artist. There were concerns on his part.”

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Hwasa’s team said that they would confirm the whole matter with her. Her Agency did not confirm the news as of yet. However, Hwasa’s fans expressed happiness on social media.

Hwasa debuted as a member of the Mamamoo in 2014. In 2019, she debuted as a solo artist, with the digital single “Twit.” She was a part of Refund Sisters in 2020.

The South Korean singer has received love from the public for her appearance in ‘I Live Alone,’ ‘Hang Out with Yoo,’ and recently launched, ‘Dancing Queens on the Road.’ Fans loved her personality in these shows.

Recently, her exclusive contract with RBW label ended. RBW label and Hwasa said that in the future they would provide support to MAMAMOO.

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