South Korean Defense Minister Cancels J-Hope’s Role in Military Cooking Competition

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south korean defense minister cancels j hope's role in military cooking competition

In a surprising turn of events, South Korean Defense Minister, Shin Won-sik, has nixed the plan for BTS member J-Hope to host an upcoming international military cooking competition. The decision is grounded in the principle of equality in fulfilling military duties.

BTS J-Hope’s Hosting Role Canceled in Military Cooking Event

The intention to have J-Hope from BTS host an upcoming military cooking competition has been abruptly called off, following a directive from the Minister of National Defense, Shin Won Sik. During a session at the National Assembly held on Tuesday, Minister Shin Won Sik officially confirmed his decision to cancel the previously arranged plans for J-Hope to take on the role of hosting the International Military Cooking Competition.

In explaining the rationale behind his decision, Minister Shin Won Sik emphasized the principle of equality in fulfilling military duties, regardless of a person’s status or affiliation. He emphasized that, despite J-Hope’s association with the globally renowned group BTS, it is essential for him to carry out his military obligations just like any other soldier. Shin Won Sik explained that initially, proposals to have J-Hope and a television announcer co-host the event were presented for his consideration. “I directed that soldiers who enjoyed celebrity status prior to their military service should not be assigned duties that are beyond their designated military roles,” he said.

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International Military Cooking Competition Continues

In its fourth edition, the International Military Cooking Competition seeks to recognize and honor culinary expertise within the armed forces of South Korea, the United States, and Singapore. This year’s event is scheduled to take place at the Korea Agro Fisheries & Food Trade Corp. located in Yangjae Dong, Seoul.

J-Hope’s Ongoing Military Service

While fulfilling his compulsory military service, J-Hope may have temporarily stepped away from the limelight, but this hasn’t stopped the BTS lead rapper and main dancer from making headlines. On October 6, 2023, J-Hope took to Weverse to announce his promotion to the prestigious rank of Special Elite Class Warrior within the South Korean military. Through his Weverse message, he not only shared this significant update but also conveyed his dedication to intensifying his efforts during his military service, with the aim of bringing honor to his nation, fellow soldiers, and fans. Adding to this, on November 1, 2023, the talented rapper from BTS was formally inaugurated with the rank of Corporal.

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