Stocks running low, raw material being imported for masks from Europe

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Due to the stock of the raw material is running low, where it is imported from China, the Indonesian government then is considering importing raw material for the production of masks from Europe. This was stated by State-Owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir.

The raw materials for the production of masks have so far been imported from China. Since the stock is running low, we will buy raw materials from Europe,” Erick said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Since the raw materials are being imported from Europe, there will definitely be changes in prices.

Erick appealed to the public to understand that for the price of masks that will increase.

“The price of masks using raw materials from Europe will be higher. Don’t think that when the stock of raw materials from China runs low and the price of masks suddenly increases, (state pharmaceutical company) Kimia Farma capitalizes on the opportunity. The raw materials for the production of masks are different from those of China,” he said.

Erick assured that the stocks of masks and other medical supplies are secure and the public can buy them at all Kimia Farma drugstores. But, each resident only can buy two masks. This policy was taken by Kimia Farma in order to secure the stocks.

Kimia Farma currently has some 215 thousand masks in stock. Kimia Farma Director Verdi Budidarmo said company aslo had put an order for some 7.2 million masks.

Earlier, President Joko Widodo said if the country had a stock of around 50 million masks and there was no reason for the public to panic in facing the spread of the coronavirus.

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