TikTok Live Streamers in Vietnam: How They Make Money and What It Means for the Future of Work

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tiktok live streamers in vietnam how they make money and what it means for the future of work

Vietnam is witnessing a growing trend of people who use the popular video-sharing app TikTok to make money from live streaming. These streamers, who often showcase their talents, hobbies, or opinions, attract large audiences and earn revenue from donations, advertisements, or sponsorships.

According to a report by the Vietnam Internet Association (VINA), TikTok live streaming has become one of the most popular forms of online entertainment in the country, with more than 100 million daily active users and over 10 billion video views per month. The report also found that 40% of TikTok users have engaged in live streaming at least once, and 20% have done so regularly.

Some of the most successful TikTok live streamers in Vietnam are:

  • Linh, a singer and songwriter who has over 2.5 million followers and earns about $2,000 per month from live streaming. She often performs covers of popular songs or original compositions, and interacts with her fans through chat messages.
  • Minh, a comedian and prankster who has over 1.8 million followers and earns about $1,500 per month from live streaming. He often makes jokes or plays pranks on unsuspecting people on the street or online, and sometimes collaborates with other streamers.
  • Huy, a gamer and reviewer who has over 1.6 million followers and earns about $1,000 per month from live streaming⁴. He often plays video games or reviews gadgets or apps on his channel, and sometimes invites guests or hosts giveaways.

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These streamers say that they enjoy making money from TikTok because it allows them to express themselves creatively and connect with their fans. They also say that they have more flexibility and freedom than traditional jobs, as they can work from anywhere and anytime.

However, not everyone is happy with this trend. Some critics argue that TikTok live streaming is a form of exploitation that exploits the young generation for profit. They claim that some streamers are pressured to follow certain trends or topics to attract more viewers or sponsors, and that some viewers are addicted to watching these streams without engaging in meaningful discussions.

Moreover, some experts warn that TikTok live streaming may have negative effects on the mental health and well-being of the streamers and their audiences. They suggest that excessive exposure to social media may cause stress, anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem among some users.

Therefore, it is important for both streamers and viewers to be aware of the potential risks and benefits of TikTok live streaming as a new way of income generation in Vietnam.

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