Top Malaysian Universities for Filipinos to Attend

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top malaysian universities for filipinos to attend

In the grand tapestry of global higher education, Malaysia has emerged as an unexpected star, casting a captivating allure on students from across the globe. 

With its diverse academic landscape boasting 20 public universities, over 160 private higher education institutions, 10 foreign branch campuses, and a plethora of language and skills centers, Malaysia is rewriting the narrative of international education. Among the countries that have taken notice of Malaysia’s academic ascendancy, the Philippines stands out as a significant contributor to this burgeoning trend.

Malaysia’s Education Allure: A Global Perspective

Recent statistics from Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) have unveiled a remarkable story of Malaysia’s educational magnetism. The number of international student applications from Southeast Asian nations has witnessed a striking upswing. 

The period spanning January 2022 to June 2023 saw Malaysia receiving a staggering 8,788 applications—an impressive surge compared to the 7,706 applications recorded during the preceding 2020-2021 timeframe. This spike in interest finds its roots in Malaysia’s steadfast commitment to delivering affordable, high-quality education coupled with an unwavering focus on enhancing employability prospects, both regionally and on the global stage.

For Filipino students and their families, one of Malaysia’s most compelling draws is its geographical proximity. 

With a mere four-hour flight bridging Malaysia and the Philippines, students can easily traverse the distance during semester breaks, while parents can embark on quick visits to reunite with their cherished offspring. Malaysia also caters to a wide spectrum of academic interests aligning with Filipino aspirations, spanning disciplines such as business and administration, engineering, health sciences, and journalism and information programs.

Engineering Excellence: The National University of Malaysia

When it comes to engineering studies, the Universiti Kebangsan Malaysia, often referred to as the National University of Malaysia, shines as a beacon of academic excellence. 

APU students have garnered international acclaim, clinching prestigious awards like the James Dyson Awards in 2000 and 2021 for their trailblazing innovations. 

APU’s global appeal is further underscored by its ranking as Malaysia’s foremost institution for international students, soaring to the 16th spot worldwide, 179th in Asia, and securing a coveted position among the top 200 for international faculty representation on the global stage. Notably, APU offers a Dual Degree Program, allowing students to bask in the glory of earning diplomas from both APU and De Montfort University in Leicester, England.

Sunway Education emerges as another jewel in Malaysia’s academic crown. This comprehensive educational conglomerate offers a seamless educational journey encompassing high school, college, and university levels. Sunway Education has forged strategic alliances with illustrious institutions such as the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Harvard University, and the University of Berkeley, unlocking a world of international exposure for its students without the need to step beyond Malaysia’s borders.

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Nestled within the Sunway Education ecosystem, Sunway University boasts a treasure trove of accolades. It wears the crown of being Southeast Asia’s premier non-profit private university, comfortably nestled among the top 150 Young Universities Worldwide in World University Rankings 2023. Perhaps most impressively, Sunway University claims the throne as Malaysia’s leading institution for graduate employability, a testament to its commitment to nurturing industry-ready graduates. 

The university’s diverse program offerings span an extensive spectrum, ranging from the highly acclaimed School of Hospitality and Service Management—lauded by none other than Le Cordon Bleu, the renowned Parisian culinary school—as the world’s preeminent culinary arts institution, to the Schools of Arts, Medical and Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Engineering and Technology, and the Sunway Business School.

A Visa Pathway to Educational Dreams

For students with their sights set on Malaysia, the visa application process is straightforward and efficient. Prospective students can submit their visa applications online, either individually or through their chosen educational institution. Typically, the Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) for international student visa applications is processed with remarkable swiftness, typically within a mere fourteen working days.

As Malaysia takes center stage on the global higher education platform, it beckons Filipino students and international scholars with open arms. Malaysia’s promise extends beyond academics; it offers an immersive cultural experience in a welcoming, vibrant environment—a unique fusion of diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives. In this academic melting pot, the world’s future leaders find their footing, making Malaysia an undisputed rising star in the realm of international education.

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