Two sides of Indonesia’s nuclear diplomacy after securing IAEA seat

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two sides of indonesia’s nuclear diplomacy after securing iaea seat

The Republic of Indonesia has increased its nuclear diplomacy after getting a membership at the United Nations (UN) nuclear watchdog, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). 

Indonesia is selected to represent the Southeast Asia and Pacific region on the IAEA Board of Governors. Indonesia has joined other IAEA board members – South Korea, Bangladesh, the Netherlands and Spain.

The IAEA election took place on 28 September to elect new members to serve on the 35-member IAEA Board of Governors for the 2023–2024 period. 

Who are the newly elected Board members of IAEA?










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Two sides of Indonesia’s nuclear diplomacy

After becoming a board member of IAEA, Indonesia can submit recommendations on IAEA programs. Indonesia can also approve nuclear-related safeguard guidelines for future UN Nuclear Watchdog agency programs. Indonesia will become one of the main policy-making bodies of the UN nuclear watchdog.

Indonesia has repeatedly warned of the threat posed by nuclear power. Recently, Retno Marsudi, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, said that nuclear weapons must be avoided and called on all the countries to comply with their obligations to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) to solve the nuclear crisis. 

Indonesia has always called on other countries to use nuclear power for peace rather than for war.

However, the country is also struggling to convince major powers to keep Southeast Asian countries clear off nuclear weapons.

Earlier, Indonesia’s top diplomat also warned against the threat posed by nuclear weapons. Last year, the Indonesian National Research Innovation Agency (BRIN) invited the IAEA to review three research reactor sites in Indonesia for the clearance and recycling of the decommissioned equipment. 

Earlier this year, Indonesia said that the country would finalize the ratification process for the TPNW (Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons). 

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