Indonesians express frustration on plan to tax high-emissions vehicle

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indonesians express frustration on plan to tax high emissions vehicle

People living in the Republic of Indonesia have expressed frustration over the new regulations and plans to tax high-emissions vehicles.

Indonesians claimed that the plan can hurt the poor people living in the country. The new regulations might target ordinary people instead of big Indonesian corporations.

Last month, the Indonesian authorities made it compulsory for motor vehicles to be tested for their emissions level. If anyone violates the new law, they may face a hefty fine. 

The authorities in Jakarta forced drivers to undergo emission tests. They took this step to fight the deteriorating air quality. 

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that excessive road traffic and a long dry season led to an increase in air pollution in Jakarta. Jakarta was also ranked among the 10 most polluted cities across the world.

Govt. plan to tax high-emissions vehicles 

The authorities in Indonesia have been carrying out random checks on vehicles, forcing drivers to undergo emission tests, with a ‘pass’ the prerequisite for the annual road tax. The authorities can also impose fines on offenders.

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Many Indonesians said that paying a fine can be tough for poor people. They also said that random checks on city streets might hurt the vulnerable people living in Indonesia.

People already fined in a random police emissions test had been complaining to the authorities. They alleged that the government plan was illogical.

One motorcyclist told the media, “I had to pay 250,000 rupiah because my bike’s emissions were off the charts. That’s more than what I earn in a day.”

Vehicle owners were also required to pay their road tax. This move was also not welcomed by many people living in Indonesia. The authorities urged vehicle owners to provide an emissions certificate before paying their road tax. A vehicle owner said, “They should make it as easy for us to pay our tax.”

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