Why has Doja Cat’s song ‘Balut’ sparked outrage in the Philippines?

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why has doja cat's song 'balut' sparked outrage in the philippines

Do you know that Doja Cat, a successful American rapper and singer, has been making headlines in the Philippines because of her new song ‘Balut’?

People living in the Philippines are angry because of the song ‘Balut’. Netizens have also sparked outrage online. What is the reason behind the outrage? Why has Doja Cat’s new song ‘Balut’ sparked outrage in the Philippines? 

Balut song was released on Friday, September 15. Subsequently, many fans started wondering about the meaning of ‘Balut’. Doja Cat’s explanation of the song also angered fans in the Philippines, with many condemning the singer.

What does Balut mean?

Balut is a street food in the Philippines. It is a developing egg embryo eaten from the egg shell. It is popular in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam. Balut name comes from the Filipino language. The origin of the food is Philippines.

However, why are people in the Philippines angry? What is the controversy around the new song? Filipino fans have called out the American singer for wrongfully representing the Philippines on the international stage.

What did Doja Cat say?

Doja cat took to Instagram to educate her fans about the title of the new song. She wrote on Instagram stories, “I named the song ‘Balut’ because it signifies a bird that’s being eaten alive. It’s a metaphor for Twitter stans and the death of Twitter toxicity.”

Her explanation of the song angered people in the Philippines. Fans said that people in the Philippines do not consume a bird alive. According to Filipino fans, Balut is a fertilized bird egg, which is steamed to be consumed.

What did Filipinos say?

Filipinos called the song ”culturally offensive.” They also took to social media to express their disappointment over the new song. 

A Filipino fan wrote on X, previously Twitter, ”Eaten alive? Who eats balut alive? Girl, you don’t need to shame my culture if you don’t understand it.” 

Another social media user said, “Balut is already boiled.”

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