Will there be a Season 3 of the K-drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed?

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will there be a season 3 of the k drama tale of the nine tailed

The Korean drama titled “Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938“ (season 2) has been making headlines since its release. The Tale of the Nine-Tailed K-drama is a story about the nine-tailed fox. Korean actors Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Bum, Jo Bo-ah, Kim Jung-nan, Ahn Gil-Kang and Hwang Hee are part of the drama.

Fans of the hit K-drama ‘Tale of the Nine-Tailed’ have been counting down the days for season 3. However, will there be a Season 3 of the K-drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed?

There is not any official confirmation on whether Tale of the Nine Tailed will return for a third season. However, tvN, the broadcaster of Tale of the Nine Tailed, said, “We’re leaving all possibilities open, but at present, nothing has yet been set in stone.” The comments hinted that there could be a third season of the popular K-drama. 

K-drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed

The first season of the K-drama Tale of the Nine-Tailed was released in 2020. The show became a massive hit. The second season was released in May 2023. The show wrapped up on June 11. The second season also became one of tvN’s most-successful shows. The last episode received a record-breaking 8 per cent audience share. 

In the first two seasons, Lee Dong-wook played the role of Gumiho Lee Yeon. The first season showed a modern love story. In the second season, Gumiho unexpectedly travelled back in time to 1938, during the Japanese Occupation of Korea.

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How to watch Tale of the Nine-Tailed season 2?

Tale of the Nine-Tailed season 2 is available on Prime Video for international viewers. Fans can subscribe to Prime to watch the show. The first season was streamed in 2020 on Viki, an American video streaming website. Season 1 of the show was also available on Viu, iQiyi, and Netflix. 

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