Korean Drama ‘Divorce Attorney’ Ends with Record-Breaking Ratings

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korean drama 'divorce attorney' ends with record breaking ratings

With record-breaking ratings, the run of the Korean drama “Divorce Attorney” has concluded. The drama, which debuted in February, follows a group of divorce lawyers and their clients as they navigate the emotional and legal complexities of divorce. Since its debut, the series has been a fan favorite, and the finale episode’s 9.9% rating is the highest of the series.

Fans have praised the drama’s genuine depiction of divorce and the emotional impact it has on families. The show investigates the legal and personal difficulties of divorce in a manner that is sensitive and nuanced, making it accessible to audiences of all ages. In addition, the strong ensemble cast, including leading actors Yeon Woo-jin and Jeon So-ni, has garnered praise for their performances.

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Additionally, “Divorce Attorney” has been praised for its depiction of the difficulties women encounter in the legal profession. The program has an all-female cast, including the main characters, and sheds light on the gender disparities and discrimination women face in the workplace.

The show’s popularity has prompted rumors of a second season, with fans anticipating to see more of their favorite characters and plots. Even though there has been no official announcement regarding a renewal, the show’s high ratings and positive reception indicate that a second season may be in the works.

Overall, “Divorce Attorney” has proven to be a standout drama of the season, presenting a novel perspective on a topic that is frequently neglected on Korean television. Its realistic depiction of divorce, coupled with its strong cast and compelling narratives, has won over audiences and cemented its status as a fan favorite.

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