10 Best Rom-Com Korean Dramas you should start watching 2022

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10 best rom com korean dramas you should start watching 2022

It’s no secret that almost everybody has a soft spot for a classic rom-com plot. Not only does it make you feel and possibly understand what love is all about, but it also gives you a good laugh! 

It might be hard to narrow down the selection of classic rom-coms, but did you know Korean dramas are in the lead with this in 2022? No doubt about how Koreans have a knack for creating the perfect romantic moments, and if you haven’t started watching any yet, we’ve compiled the best 10 rom-com Korean dramas you need to watch!

Here are the best 10 Rom-Com Korean Dramas you should start watching 2022:

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1. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

This rom-com Korean drama is considered a staple for Korean drama lovers! You need not look any further than Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha if you are searching for a timepiece that will make you feel good. The series follows Yoon Hye-jin, a clever dentist who lives in the large city. The story is based on the South Korean film Mr. Handy, Mr. Hong, which was released in 2004. Nonetheless, she relocates to a sleepy coastal village after suffering an unanticipated loss of employment, and it is there that she meets Hong Du-sik, a compassionate man who frequently takes on odd jobs. The two have chemistry that is hard to resist, which makes them an attractive couple that is hard to be against supporting.

Rom-Com Korean Dramas

2. Crash Landing on You

This korean drama rom-com is the most popular one yet! The series’ title, “Crash Landing on You,” refers to the romance that takes place between a North Korean soldier and a South Korean heiress. Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-jin, is a young woman who is stunningly attractive and incredibly wealthy. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri had wonderful chemistry as the ideal Romeo and Juliet because the actors began dating after filming the drama, and they played similar-ish roles of Romeo and Juliet in the drama. Since Crash Landing on You is the series that most exemplifies what a Korean romantic comedy should be, watching it is an excellent way to get acquainted with the subgenre.

Rom-Com Korean Dramas

3. Start-Up

This rom-com revolutionized Philippine romantic comedy in terms of TV shows! Following her heart, Dal-mi gets involved with a new company that’s just getting started and, almost immediately, she finds herself in the middle of a convoluted love triangle. Han Ji-pyeong, played by Kim Seon-ho, was her first love and is now a successful venture capitalist. Nam Do-san, played by Nam Joo-hyuk, is a young man who is down on his luck but Dal-mi believes he was her first love. This provides Do-san with the inspiration to give his start-up another shot, while simultaneously working toward the goal of making Dal-error mi’s a fact of life. Start-Up offers young people an alternative way of living, similar to what Itaewon Class does. The show tackles the contemporary business of start-ups, but it also provides viewers with the traditional love story they’ve been craving all along.

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4. Run On

The next korean rom-com circles around Oh Mi-joo (Shin Se-kyung), a hardworking movie translator who takes pride in her work, and Ki Seon-gyeom (Im Si-wan), a former sprinter for the national team who wants to become a sports agent, are the two main characters in Run On, which is an effortless romance that focuses on the relationship between the two of them. The drama is comical and there isn’t a lot of action, but it fits in well with the narrative. There is also a significant subplot dealing around the issue of gender discrimination in the workplace. This is illustrated by the fact that one of the characters is ignored despite the fact that she would have been the logical heir to her father’s business and the CEO of a sports agency on her own.

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5. Love Alarm

Many Korean television shows have the sense of fanfiction brought to life, and given that many of them are based on storylines pulled directly from webcomics (including this one), they practically are. 

Love Alarm is another original series produced by Netflix. The show takes place in a universe in which there is an application that alerts users whenever someone within a 10-meter radius expresses romantic feelings for them. Kim So-hyun portrays Kim Jo-jo, a conscientious high school student who becomes caught up in a love triangle with her two closest friends. 

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6. Boys Over Flowers

One of the most iconic korean drama rom-coms is Boys Over Flowers, which is adapted from the Japanese manga penned by Yoko Kamio and published in Japan, joins the ranks of a variety of other adaptations, including the extremely well-liked Chinese drama Meteor Garden. Produced in 2009, this follows a group known as F4, which is the name of four privileged and popular lads at the renowned Shinhwa High School who control over others through bullying. After finally getting to know the members of F4, a girl from a working-class family named Geum Jan-di (played by Ku Hye-sun) receives a full swimming scholarship to the same high school. Geum Jan-di is perplexed by the widespread fascination with the group because she does not see what all the fuss is about.

a business proposal recap episode nine ten k drama

7. Business Proposal

This rom-com korean drama is originally a webtoon of the same name created by HaeHwa is the inspiration for the romantic comedy television series A Business Proposal, which airs in South Korea. Ha-ri agrees to go on a blind date under the guise of her closest friend in exchange for a sizable financial payment; however, she is taken aback when it turns out that the man she is meeting is actually the new CEO of the firm she works for. The intention was for Hari’s potential partner to turn her down, and that was the plan. However, things continue to develop in increasingly fascinating ways one after the other. Tae-moo, who is being pressured by his grandfather Kang Da-goo, the chairman of Go Food’s parent company, to go on blind dates with suitable marriage partners, decides to marry his blind date partner in order to avoid going on the rest of the dates, not knowing that she is the fake Jin Young-seo or that she is his employee, which she works very hard to hide.


8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

In this Korean romantic comedy-drama, a group of collegiate athletes go through trials and tribulations as they confront their future. The journey takes them closer and closer to achieving their goals. Kim Bok-Joo is a skilled weightlifter who has a great deal of ambition; despite the fact that she presents herself as tough, she has a lot of insecurities. Jung Joon-Hyung is a skilled swimmer who is also quite playful, but he has some underlying trauma that stems from his past. Both Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung have lofty goals of becoming successful in their respective industries, but they are hampered more by their fears and their troubled histories than by anything else. 

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9. Strong Girl Bong-Soon

A charming Korean romantic comedy-drama that combines elements from a few different genres, ranging from romance and comedy to action and mystery. A hysterically funny story about a young woman named Do Bong-soon who is born with superhuman strength that has been passed down through the female members of her family for many generations. When she runs into a group of thugs who have been harassing some individuals, the performance gets off to a rousing start when she unwittingly winds up inflicting significant harm on them while Min-hyuk watches in admiration as she fights them. Comedy puns involving the characters are used in the show’s opening sequences, which serve to immediately establish the show’s tone. After seeing Bong-soon in action, Ahn Min-hyuk, the spoiled but good-hearted CEO of a huge gaming firm, wants her to work as his bodyguard so badly that he is willing to pay her.

Rom-Com Korean Dramas

10. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

A romantic comedy-drama from Korea that has garnered one of the best ratings in the history of cable television in Korea! This drama, which is based on a novel, has amassed millions of fans on streaming websites like DramaCool and Viki Rakuten around the world. Fun fact! A youthful and gorgeous Vice Chairman of a major firm and his secretary Kim Mi-so are at the center of this funny plot. Lee Young-Joon is a narcissistic individual who is extremely self-absorbed and who exalts himself by sitting on a pedestal that he constructed for himself. He has a very small circle of acquaintances and is never interested in the affairs of other people. Uncertainty arises in Young-mind Joon’s as a result of his secretary Mi-announcement that she will be quitting the company after serving in that capacity for the previous nine years. She spent years adapting herself to his every little habit and making his life her own; nonetheless, her unexpected departure has left him in a state of complete and utter uncertainty.

So, for all the romantic lovers out there, which are you trying first?

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