3 perpetrators of mysterious shootings in South Tangerang arrested by the police

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The police on Monday night, August 10, arrested the perpetrators of the mysterious shooting who shot several people in the Tangerang and South Tangerang areas.

The perpetrators were three people and among them were twins. They are Evans Ferdinand (27), Clerence Antonius (20), and Christoper Antonius (20). They were arrested at different locations in Tangerang City.

“We arrested three perpetrators who were disturbing the community by shooting at people with rifles with nose bullets,” said Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Tangerang Police, Adjunct Commissioner Muharram Wibisono, Monday night, August 10.

The three mysterious shooters who were arrested last night admitted they were annoyed and wanted to curb illegal racing.

“Based on the perpetrators’ information, they want to disperse the illegal racing action that is troubling the community,” said South Tangerang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Iman Setiawan, Tuesday, August 11.

However, said Iman, the police did not immediately believe their confession. And currently, they are still investigating the motives of the perpetrators of shooting their victims.

“But the results of the investigation on the victim showed that the victim did not do wild racing and was just an ordinary rider,” said Iman.

Currently, said Muharram, the police have seized evidence in the form of weapons from the three perpetrators which were used to shoot seven people in different areas.

“So the pattern they do is every weekend, on Sunday nights above 10 PM, that’s the reason they can disperse the illegal racing ones. We are also still investigating where the perpetrators bought this weapon because it is clear they have airsoft guns without permission, “he added.

The three actors in action drove a car, Daihatsu Xenia. They divided their respective roles. the perpetrator Evans Ferdinand as the shooter, Clerence Antonius as the target searcher, and Christopher Antonius as the car driver.

The police secured three air guns, namely one Glock type, one Fushion Gejluk brand, and one Evolution PCP brand. As well as a box of 4.5 mm- 500 rds caliber bullets, 37 airgun pellets, and a white Daihatsu Xenia with police number B 1718 WOM.

Previously, residents of South Tangerang were shocked by the mysterious shooting cases in several areas such as North Serpong.

The mysterious shooting took place in June 2020 and left eight motorcyclists injured. Namely, three shootings occurred in the Pagedangan District area and one shooting in Cisauk District, Tangerang Regency, three shootings in Serpong District, South Tangerang City, and two shootings in the Tangerang City area.

“The victim has already reported to the police, we are currently in the process of investigating,” said South Tangerang Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Iman Setiawan, Sunday, August 9, 2020. The three perpetrators were subject to article 353 of the Criminal Code paragraph 2 and or article 351 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code and/or article 1 paragraph 1 of the Emergency Law Number 12 of 1951 and Article 170 paragraph 2 E of the Criminal Code with the maximum penalty.

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