3 years operation in Jakarta Bay, pirates with billion rupiahs benefit get arrested

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The pirates who often operate in the waters of the Jakarta Bay were arrested by the Directorate of Water and Air Police of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police.

This group of pirates has been operating to rob fishing vessels since three years ago and always haunting the fishermen who were sailing or going home after fishing.

The pirates that using an anonymous fishing boat was intercepted by officers while in the waters of Sabira Island, Thousand Islands, Sunday early morning, July 19.

The police, who often get reports from fishermen, suspected an anonymous ship sailing in these waters. When the police approached and boarded the ship, it turns out that there were people who had been sought by authorities.

The four suspects are Bastiar (22), Baharudin (36), Arnis Supriyadi (30), and Udin (42).

“They are pirates in the sea who are troubling our fishermen,” said Metro Jaya Police Public Relations Head of Commissioner Yusri Yunus in a press conference at the Police Headquarters of the Water and Air Police of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, North Jakarta, Monday, July 20.

From the act of piracy, the pirates have benefited billions of rupiah.

“The target of their piracy is fishermen and the losses that have found if we count all nearly Rp10 billion,” Yusri said.

Every time they act, the pirates commit a crime by forcibly requesting the results of the fishing boat’s catch.

Not only that, but the targeted fishing boat fuel was also taken by the pirates.

“So it’s not just fish and money, but even fishermen’s fuel was looted by them,” said Yusri.

The items found from their ship included squid totaling six boxes or around 700 kilograms, one soft water gun, and sharp weapons.

For 3 years, this pirate gang routinely carried out piracy. Within a week, said Yusri, they could rob as much as 1 to 2 times. “They are organized and some are funding them,” Yusri said.

Before hijacking a fishing boat, the pirate gang first mapped the area passing by potential victims. When fishermen return to the sea, they will intercept fishing boats and ask for all catches of fishermen.

The Pirates that were rounded up by police in the waters of Sabira Island, Thousand Islands, in fact, have a wide range of operations.

Yusri Yunus said the pirates did not only operate in the surrounding waters of the Jakarta Bay or the Thousand Islands.

They can find fishing boats and become targets for piracy to the seas of Kalimantan Island.

“The extent of them doing this piracy is not only in the Jakarta area, but up to Bangka Belitung and up to Kalimantan,” Yusri said.

In this case, Yusri said that one of their leaders was still being chased by the police. This network is also divided into four different groups.

“They are organized and some are funding them. Hopefully, soon we can catch the lead today,” Yusri said.

As for their actions, the suspects were charged under Article 365 and Article 368 of the Criminal Code, Emergency Law Number 12 of 1951 concerning possession of firearms and Law Number 45 of 2009 concerning amendments to Law Number 31 of 2004 concerning fisheries. They face up to five years in prison.

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