4 Best Ways to Celebrate Hari Raya

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Now that is the Raya holidays are here, here are some tips and ideas by brightening up your home with a touch of bold colour or by keeping the decor fresh. Here are a few simple Raya updates you could try.

1. Photoshoots

Include fascinating art items that visitors will want to pose with and photograph (and will even queue up to do so!). Any place may benefit from a colorful piece of artwork that adds depth and creates a unique vibe.

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to painting. Natural light may provide a shine to wall art, bringing it to life. The environment has the potential to take visitors into a “storybook,” with magnificent and brilliant vistas enhanced by the lyrical sounds of traditional instruments.

A photo booth might also be set up at the hotel for guests to use. Both visitors and locals will remember these souvenirs fondly.


2. Raya celebrations

Hotels often offer events for both visitors and locals to enhance the Raya spirit. Apart from live or piped-in melodic sounds of traditional instruments, hotels might arrange lantern-making workshops, sarong-folding how-tos, children’s coloring, and even enable visitors to manufacture their own ketupat at one of the kiosks (and even consume it later that night). Nothing beats a handcrafted item!

In addition, by encouraging guests to share their favorite Raya moment on social media, the hotel may develop and own a hashtag. It might be for a competition or just for pleasure!

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3. Cookies

Create Raya-themed treats, such as camel-shaped cookies, by taking a page from the Christmas playbook. Pack them up and use them as handouts.

image 2

4. Make a healthy lifestyle choice

Doesn’t that seem like an oxymoron? A buka puasa generally includes an abundance of traditional Malay cuisine. There’s no need to abandon classic decadent meals like lemang and rendang; instead, hoteliers can make them healthier. Make a deliberate effort to make changes to the recipes, such as reducing the amount of coconut milk, sugar, salt, and oil used. Most of the time, you’ll find that these little adjustments have minimal impact on the excellent flavors.

image 3

Instead of fried chicken, why not offer roast chicken? Boiling, roasting, steaming, baking, or braising are all good options when it comes to cooking techniques. If the hotel offers coffee or tea, ask for it black. Serve sugar and milk on the side so that visitors may pick how sweet they want their beverages to be. The small things matter, and you’d do well to keep an eye on your visitors and their health. You might also provide smaller servings to keep people from overindulging. Plates that are smaller inherently measure less.

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