Asean and its challenges with Covid-19

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Asian woman wearing mask and alcohol antibacterial hand gel

The Covid-19 is a health crisis that poses a significant threat to the ASEAN region due to region’s geographical proximity to China (then epicenter). The massive impact of the outbreak has brought unprecendented issue in South East Asia unlike anything they faced before.

The best way for the Asean to deal with the pandemic is to stand united as the pandemic has caused huge impact on global economy and trade and it also exposed the region when it comes to the concept of unity because of the differences of approach among its member states.

As most of the Asean countries are now dealing with the third stage of the virus, the region manages to succeed because of the principles that drive the region’s integration.

The Asean must also conduct more extensive tests and should be transparent on the number being recorder in their countries. Developing the healthcare systems in less developed member countries such as  Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar should also be prioritized to help curb the spread of the disease. The virus and its effect is not going to leave the region any time soon. Asean must adapt to the ‘new normal’ as the region push forward to a long, slow economic recovery.

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