“Boosting the Immune System in a Different Way over COVID-19”

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The enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines has been challenging the people to boost their immune system through taking vitamins, eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep and as much as possible to stay at home so that there will be a reduction of infected people.

But there are other ways to keep the immune system strong especially at this time that people are struggling with the severity of the pandemic virus and there are also people that spend most of their time using gadgets.

It’s a great way to look at the importance of taking care of our emotions and mental health.

Here’s a glimpse of our reality:

Watching the news for pandemic warnings has basically become normal for most of us. It feels like our duty to keep up with all that’s happening — and while it is happening, there’s also no denying that all the news and current affairs could easily become too daunting for one person to deal with.

Allowing these feelings to flourish can trigger fear. And fear isn’t a great starting point for making rational life choices

When this point comes, know that apart from turning off our phone and Screen, we have other choices for controlling our emotions and it’s by reading books.

A vast amount of literature revolves around human experience. It opens us up to realms that imbue a sense of familiarity with the ideals or philosophies of other characters and circumstances, albeit vastly different. Reading exposes us to some form of social interaction and reading will help us become empathetic about it.

Researchers say the mind is working like any other organ in the body. It’s advisable to start young and stick to it to completely reap its benefits.

Here are the 3 benefits in boosting our health through reading:

  1. Reading helps the emotional quotient (EQ) boost.
  • While reading can’t cure chronic depression or other psychological distresses, it can help ease people through midlife crises or a stressful time.
  1. Reading helps boost balance and joint activity of the brain
  • Understanding is key: it is important for people to examine the ondulations of a plot, the creation of characters, the purpose of the whole piece in understanding a story especially a novel or other lengthy piece of literature. It develops critical thinking and abilities which could prove useful later in life.
  1. Reading helps prevent dementia
  • Researchers say the mind is working like any other organ in the body. It’s advisable to start young and stick to it to completely reap its benefits. The more we learn in our young age, the better as we get older it will be for us to keep it going.

Also, since staying hydrated is a perfect way to improve your immune system, it is a reality that drinks play a crucial role in keeping your health. It will be nice to drink something that energizes one’s body while reading.

Here are the examples we can try:

  • Water

For example, your mouth and throat are on the front lines of your body’s defenses but without proper hydration they can not do their jobs effectively.

  • Tomato Juice

A drink rich in Vitamin C.

  • Green Tea

Green tea is rich in plant-based antioxidants called polyphenols,

which include catechins which help the immune system.

  • Smoothie

Smoothies blend different nutrient-rich foods into one nutritious (and   savory) cocktail. For instance, people add to smoothies the following ingredients: protein found in nuts, seeds and dairy products Vitamin C, found in oranges, strawberries and tomato juice Vitamin A, found in spinach, carrots and apricots.

Quarantine is a time to stay healthy. May these tips help filipinos to boost themselves amidst the pandemic virus.

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