Calling Tritura 2.0, ProDEM Asks to Lower the Cabinet

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The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) and its uncontrolled, and also by seeing the facts of the people’s economy also deteriorated made Pro-Democracy Activist Network (ProDEM) voiced the Three People’s Demands (Tritura) 2.0.

As for the contents of Tritura 2.0 this time, namely Lowering Prices, Lowering the Cabinet, and Breaking Up Relationships with China.

According to the Chairperson of the ProDEM Assembly, Iwan Sumule, Tritura 2.0 was based on seeing the spread of the Chinese virus (Covid-19), the people’s economic condition which has worsened, and added with ineffective government cabinet works.

“ProDEM activists demand ‘Tritura 2.0’. Lower prices, lower the cabinet, and cut ties with China,” Iwan Sumule said, Saturday (3/21).

According to the latest data, the total number of positive cases of corona continues to grow. A total of 369 cases tested positive, 32 people died, and 17 were cured.

As for the economy, the rupiah exchange rate has continued to plummet and has touched the figure of Rp 16 thousand per US dollar. Economic growth is also predicted to free fall to 2 percent, or even 0 percent. On the other hand, there seems to be no serious step by the government in controlling these two extraordinary occurrences.

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