PMI Builds Logistics Centers at 11 Anticipation Points of Covid-19

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Over wider spread of coronavirus or COVID-19 has led various parties to anticipate the prevention. Including the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) which will build a health logistics center at 11 points as part of the operation of the impact of transmission. This was conveyed by PMI Secretary General Sudirman Said when he was present in a discussion entitled “Community Movement Against Corona” in Jakarta, Saturday (21/3).

“In the near future we are building logistics work in 11 PMI offices in Indonesia. This is done as part of PMI operations to anticipate the effects of corona virus transmission,” said Sudirman.

At the logistics center location, he said, two mask boxes, 2,000 units of disinfectant spray equipment, 300 operational vehicles, ambulances and various health operational equipment would be stored.

“In addition, PMI will prepare 1,000 volunteers throughout Indonesia in the context of overcoming corona virus transmission,” said Sudirman.

Sudirman also explained, PMI has 500 headquarters throughout Indonesia. And also supported by the presence of 224 blood laboratories, 1.5 million volunteers, 160 tank trucks and 250 ambulances ready to work.

“It all becomes our operating capital in overcoming the effects of the corona virus transmission,” he said.

Sudirman added, PMI until now still carry out spraying disinfectants for public places, places of worship, correctional institutions and other public places.

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