Chinese State Media Slams US Tech Crackdown Wrongness

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Washington’s attempt to ban some Chinese-origin inventions is a sign of “madness” in US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, China’s state-backed Global Times tabloid published in an editorial.

Pompeo spoke anti-China remarks almost regularly, constantly playing tricks to escalate tensions between China and the US, and demonstrating the resilience of the Trump administration against China.The US State Department issued an updated version of a program called the Clean Network calling for telecommunications firms, cloud service providers and Chinese-origin smartphone devices to be held outside the United States.

They even stated that It’s unbelievable from the long-term perspective that the U.S. technology industry could fully separate itself from the Chinese market. If US chips, software, and terminal equipment became irrelevant to the Chinese market, it will pose a serious challenge for US companies. If enacted, the plan would mark an escalation in the tech spat between the US and China that is still going on. Washington has already banned Huawei Technologies Co, headquartered in Shenzhen, from developing 5 G telecommunications networks in the US.

It’s also in the process of forcing a sale to Microsoft Corp of TikTok, a popular social media app created by Beijing-based ByteDance. Along with this, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin called the Clean Network plan “preposterous and dirty”.

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